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As time passes and you get older as an artist, you start thinking in what would you like to be your legacy or part of it if you make different types of art. It doesn't matter what your level is, when you start making art, it becomes immediately in your legacy. From a poem, painting, music, sculpture or craft, to more complex types of art or combinations.

One of my music projects is ZeTaReTiCuLi, relaxing electronic and sci fi ambient covered with dark feelings, mystery and combining electronic music with the music from alien movies of the 50s and 60s. This project also made me have a name for my music home studio in which I used to record local bands, and different projects.


Today I'm glad that all my music from this project is being distributed in a lot of streaming music platforms and digital music stores since a few months ago. Despite some troubles, and after changing the project's name to Z and going back again to ZetaReticuli, redoing all the art covers one more time, it was worth it.

Some tracks that were covers or tributes originally by other artist couldn't get to the platforms due to copyright material, so only all original tracks are online. There are more than 70 songs divided in albums, EPs and of course in time, the very first one was made in 2005.

The last two EPs from this project are based on my investigations of the ancient civilizations and the missing link with our origins, evolution and intervention. Singularity (2021) and 02022020 (2020) that was released days before we were enclosed in our house for the virus.

Play this track meanwhile you read.

Right now I'm working in my most ambitious music for this project, and finally decided to include voices and lyrics because there's no way that the titles can be understood alone with the feeling of the music or my explanation of it, there are things that have to be said.

The 2019 "Waves of Memories" was an experiment of change, due to the same changes that me and my family went through by the time. It marked a new style and new ways of expresion for me but actually it was too happy for me and I needed a more dark enviroment to express myself. Nevertheless, this two last eps, despite they sound kind of dark, is leading now to a more ethnic sound, due to all the old civilizations and ruins I've learning and reading and watching about.

Long story short (too late, I know), I'm leaving all the platforms and stores that I could see my music is on for now.



Apple Music
Amazon Music
YouTube Music
Claro Música
Vibe Naver

I still don't know if I'm gonna launch the next album with the same distribution company or do something different, as it's still in production. The next is a full LP, vocals and lyrics will be added, also the production procees was a little bit different due to new technologies and instruments.

And finally as a anecdote, many people as come to me after listening and telling me that this music is trippy, and that if somebody that is doing some type of hallucinogens is listening to it everything amplifies. So, I'm not giving advise to use drugs of any kind but if you use them and want to give it a try, there are the links above.


All music and image designs by Kirvic L Aguilera.