New track from the upcoming music work by Z (Listen!)

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Singularity is the new upcoming work from my project Z. This time the music is guided by the sci fi vein with the soundtrack touch but adding now a more hip hop drum base, more present than previous releases. For the first time since 2005 I'm thinking on adding a voice because there's the increasing need to tell more than just a title and the music track. I'm still getting the pieces together and for now there are 4 tracks already composed and finished. New sounds, new depths, new themes and different influences. Also now I'm starting to use the new platform ROCKI.APP (previously known as CHOON) to upload the music and save the crypto that is earned by each streaming, if you want to know more about the platform just go there and take a look on how it works. The crypto is already listed on coinmarketcap, the website is still on beta test but you can already keep your crypto on the wallet. The ones who previously used CHOON and accept the terms on rocki can login with their previous user and all the crypto earned on CHOON will be on your ROCKI Wallet.

Listen to it HERE

Music and cover art by Kirvic L Aguilera.