You have a minor grammatical mistake in the following sentence:

Touch is hollow on it's own.
It should be its own instead of it's own.

Beautiful voice

Most beautiful!

I love the simplicity - no rock today, but you still rock :D

Thank you for sharing with us!

Thanks Asher. ❤️You're always incredibly supportive and encouraging.

It means the world.

@lillywilton That mic and your vocals are loving each other, your voice reminded me a bit on late Sinead O'Connor in this song :)

Thank you so much for listening <3 I could totally see that.


Beautiful song Lilly! ❤️ I feel bad always saying the same stuff on your posts, but every song is always amazing and you always perform them phenomenally. So when I'm speaking honestly it sounds very redundant 😄.

Great job as always!

Thanks so much, @harrisonmir. ❤️That's crazy kind of you to say. I'm listening to "You Were" right now and totally digging it.

Thanks @lillywilton! I'm glad! If anything ever grabs you to write to, you're one of the few people I'm confident in telling to go ahead and claim it lol. I do actually have a more refined mix of that track we were playing with, just currently in the process of getting my head back on straight so I can do some much needed catching up!

You look like a prettier Paula Cole, I'd like to see you do her 'Where have all the cowboys gone.' Either way, cool song, nice voice

I'll have to check her out. Thanks!

Beautiful Lilly =D

Thank you so much! 😃

An interestingly odd and dark little song... :-)

Thanks so much, Amber :-)

This post has been featured today in our music steem curation post. Congrats, @lillywilton.

Amazing! Thank you :-)

amazing voice! can you do Tears in heaven next?