Always a pleasure, thank you.

Thank you ❤️

You have a beautiful voice! Following :)

How do you like the Yeti mic? I've found mine to be pretty good (although, I'm not singing, I simply use it for interviews).

Thank you so much! :-) I'm a total sound n00b so I really like the yeti since I'm using it for relatively simple projects.

But that's awesome! Can't wait to check out your stuff!

Wow, talk about hitting the mark how I've been feeling these nights. It is def tough deciding something and facing a lonely road because of that decision/goal. Find that sense of self, wonderful Lilly!

Thanks so much @zainenn. ❤️I'm so happy something here hit you.

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Beautiful all around

Thank you guys ❤️

And holy shit, your new music is amazing! "Lover of All Things Blue" is absolutely brilliant. I've listened to it over and over again all day.

Thanks Lilly! So awesome to read this. You rock!

Wow, wow, very nice! Beautiful words! And your mesmerizing voice. Powerful!

Thank you so much @shephard. That always means a lot coming from you ❤️🙏