You have such a beautiful voice.

Thank you so much!

You're welcome!

It was wonderful having you on our show, dear. I'll be posting the recap in a few hours, highlighting the interview (not a full transcript mind you) but in which will also post a link to the rebroadcast on Viewly that includes the comment text stream.

I do so look forward to the next time you can make it on the show ... I think next week we're devoting the show to #openmic participants so that sounds like a perfect fit for you...

Amazing!! I can't wait!

Amazing song and amazing voice

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Thank you so much! 😊

Lovely, @lillywilton!
This song has such a twist of loveliness and mysteriousness in it and you sing and play it so well! 💗

Thank you so much ☺️💕 I’m so glad you liked it.

This song is a Hit Lilly, really perfect, one of the genres that I really love! :D
keep up the good work!

Thank you so much! I loved you track on the show the other day!! ❤️🐰

:D <3 thank you for the kind words!

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I thank you. =)

Very nice again! Happy to see you venture into open-tuning pastures. Quite Celtic feel to it!

Thank you so much for listening! And yes, I'm enjoying going into different tunings for a while :-)

You crushed this, Lilly!
Nice, girlfriend!
Baby - do your worst...
I only wish... ;-)

It was wonderful to have you as a guest @lillywilton, you are amazing <3
Are you coming back next week?

Thank you so much :-) And yes! I'll be there Friday ❤️

Yipeeehhh <3

Great!! I was not sure of what to expect. Now, blown away.

Thank you :-)

Listening to this on Choon right now. Seriously love this song. What a fun one! ;)