Your voice, OMG, is so beautiful. Please do more covers okay?

Thank youuuuuu Ms.Cally! <3 Okay more covers soon wink

Give u big big vote :D Keep doing covers! Would love to see more

Waaa thank you! Thanks for being so supportive & encouraging! Yes will do more covers soon! :D

No probs! Talent like yours must be known!

thank you thank you! :D

Thanks for the great song... Keep it going!

Thanks for dropping by to listen! :)


Thanks for your compliment Nana! I've just watched your FACELESS dance cover, you got the swag girl! Upload more dance vids pls! Can't wait :D

Hahaha thank you!! Definitely more videosss!! 💚💚

Cool! I listened with pleasure!

Thanks Amalinavia! Glad that you enjoyed the song. I love your artwork and I've followed you! Looking forward for your next creative work. :D

waited for a whole day. finally get to listen to this! good job! you're just making me feel bad for not watching the movie yet :( hahaha! hopefully one day got chance to play for you lah :p

Thanks Caleb! Hopefully you'll get to watch it with your family soon!
Yes yes! Looking forward to collaborate together one day too! :D

Great singing, great voice !

Thanks for your compliments! Hope you'll still drop by next time for my next cover :)

I go and listen to your Youtube channel while waiting for your next cover 🙂

Haha sure! 😄

My favourite song of the entire movie and you sang it beautifully!

Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad that my version of your favourite song is pleasurable to your ears :D

I'll try to nominate this if you want to

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Thank you so much @howtostartablog! This means alot for a newcomers like me. This encourages me to sing more! haha :)

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Good stuff

Thanks bobby!

u can come out with the whole OST album already. make sure once complete, then can get new gears. :w

The whole OST album too geng lah the songs. Others all with choirs, i can't sing aloneee. hahahaa

Keep it up! I know you'll do well here on Steemit.

Yes master sifu :D Thank you!

Wow I didn't know the singer was someone else :O!!!!

Great cover by the way :D

Yea only found out few days after i watched the movie too. Good acting by Rebecca Fugerson. Thanks for ur compliment! :D

it's great acting, it really does look like she's singing

Check out how Rebecca learn to "sing" in the movie. Came across this clip last night.

That makes sense, because it does look like she's singing, that's why I never thought of having someone else voice

This is so beautiful.. please keep it coming! Your voice is soothing and you hit all the notes just right..

Ah thank u so much! I still think it can be better. But thanks for dropping by to listen, means a lot :D