Time To Reignite The Hive Music Machine!

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I had a rather interesting message on X (Twitter) from music loving @lordbutterfly today and wated to share it here, with you all.

Many of you that have been with #Hive for 4+ years might recall that we used to have a thriving Web3 music community. The biggest in crypto. With the death of Steemit openmic many of those participating went looking for greener pastures with the advent of #NFTs.

Right now Im in a project planning phase to revive our music community and bring in musicians from all across the ecosystem back to Hive and offer them incentives to maintain their presence here.

Hive empowers communities and while other blockchains focus on VCs and quick profits we derive value from users and a growing community.

I am looking for anyone that is involved with any music ecosystem that is willing to help me gauge interest in a weekly Web3 music competition with substantial cash prizes on a weekly basis. My DMs are open.

With that in mind last night I went on one of the more active twitter spaces hosted by @ZironiVioletta to present the idea. I will continue to do so.
NFTs will still remain the most lucrative option for the better known names in the NFT space but this would allow for lesser known talent to shine and start up in this space.
Stay tuned.

I'm sure you'll agree that this needs to happen sooner rather than later and us, here at Tunz are fully behind it.


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Hit me up on twitter or discord, ill be looking at existing projects to get involved in some way as well.

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