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❗️ THIS IS PART 2 - MUSIC of the Project Overview for 2024. I divided it, because otherwise the post would have been much too long. 😄 You can find PART 1 here.

Hey guys! 😊

How are you ?

I already made the first part of the post yesterday. Normally this should have been one post. But I have just too many projects for one post haha!

▶️ In this post I want to give you an update of what I am working on right now, and how my year 2024 will look like regarding to Hive. ◀️

This is important for me to do, because I want to be transparent as always and you guys will better understand why I won´t be as active as last year when it comes to blog posts.

It´s also important for me to be transparent to my $RAVEN token holders, because they invested money into my project. I have several smaller NFT drops and raffles planned and also my first physical merch drop. 😍
But there won´t be a drop every 2 months because I need my time to work on something bigger, which will also give my $RAVEN token holders benefits once it´s done. And I REALLY want to use my time for this! So I just wanted to inform you guys so you know what to expect. 😊 I hope you will still stick with me!

Now let´s talk about what projects are in the line for this year. 🎉

Music Production.jpg


This will of course always be the keypoint of what I am doing. Several projects are already in the works for this year:

1. Make a Handpan LoFi Album

I love LoFi music and I love Handpan music! But I recognized that there is not a single Handpan LoFi album out there. Which is weird and sad because these styles fit together so well.
So together with my friend @elliptique who is an excellent Handpan player we decided to make our first LoFi Handpan album. Producing this genre is alot of fun and very relaxing! And sometimes this is what I need, have the possibility to relax while producing.

I hope we will get this done during the next few months. Stay tuned!

2. Produce Synthwave Music for Rise of the Pixels

I love making Synthwave music! 🖤 This is how my heart beats, and I wanted to make another Synthwave album for so long, but never really had the motivation to do it. Now I have the chance to produce some music for the new Hive game Rise of the Pixels which I am also allowed to release on all my music accounts later! So this is a perfect opportunity and I already started.

The first song is already live in the beta version of the game. The next songs are started and will be done soon. 😄

Thanks @asgarth for giving me this chance!

3. Finish the Title Song for CraftInk

You guys know that I am part of the CraftInk team for a while. And I will make the soundeffects and music for the game. I already started with the main song for the game and I hope I can finish it during the next 2 months. This is quite a different style than my normal music and I am excited to try out something new! 🎵

4. Make a Typical Raven Song

It´s time to make a typical Raven song with rap on it again! I love producing all this music for games and commissions, but I also feel, it´s time to get out the real Raven again and make a song where I can rap on! I already made 2 songs together with my awesome friend @newenx from Argentina, and it´s time to do another one! 🖤 We already have a start beat. I always love working with him because it means alot to me. And I hope I will have time for this project soon!

This would also be a good song to finally go to Hungary and shoot a music video with @solymi! 😍 So I really hope this song will be done during 2024.

Music Distribution.jpg


I am already in several Hive games with my music, but it´s time to invade even more hahah! I love gaming and get my music into several games is a huge honor!

1. Neon Strike

This is a new Hive game that will go online during the next few months, and they asked me if they could have my music for the game! I feel very excited that so many people on Hive seem to know my name and want to have my music. This will be the 4th Hive game where my music is in. So thank you very much!! I appreciate it and it´s an honor! ❤️
For the beginning, there will around 20 tracks that were produced by me or other producers of Panda Beats in the game.

2. Panda Beats

You might have already heard from one of my biggest projects I am working on for 4 years. It´s a label for copyright free music, that streamers and YouTubers can use in the background of their streams without getting any copyright problems.
This project grew alot. Right now, we have 30!! different albums released! That means, that we have around 600 copyright free songs of more than 10 different genres to chose from! 🎉 That is awesome!

It´s always alot of work to produce a whole album and I am missing the time for this with all the projects I am working on. That´s why I hired 3 ghostproducers that produce albums for me that I can release when I don´t have time to produce myself. This year, I already ordered 3 albums from these fantastic producers. So there will be alot of new music to come soon! 😊 I release these albums with my alias BeaTraxx.
If you want to listen to our copyright free music, you can have a look here:


3. Other Plans

I hope I can spread my music into more games and projects. I have some in mind where I want to ask when I have new music done.

I would like to get one of my tracks into the huge LoFi/Synthwave music channel on YouTube which is called LoFi Girl. This would be a big achievement and a dream! So let´s hope for the best. 😄

I would also love to get my music into some indie games on Steam. For examples the Virtual Cottage I mentioned in the beginning of my post.

I hope this is something I can achieve this year. That´s why I am eager to produce alot of new music, to be able to tryout these chances.

Well guys, you see I am working on alot of stuff. Besides my normal part-time job. So I hope you really understand why I can´t put much time into posting or anything else. I will still try to post once a week of course, to keep you updated. But these projects are very important to me and I want them to succeed. ❤️🍀

Therefore I hope you stick with me and support me on this journey! 😊🖤 And make my biggest wish come true. 💖
I hope you are as excited about these news as me and wish you a great day!!

Thank you for always being around!!


Raven Divider2.png

I am very thankful for everyone who supports me on my journey!!

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Can you please tell me the APR on Raven music
I wish to invest but don’t know the basic things I gotta know

It is 19,029%

How did you calculate this? 😄

My token doesnt have any APR because it is not an investment token. Holders get NFTs, music and sometimes can win Hive tokens in raffles. Please read everything about it in this post:

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Keep up the good work 💪

More power to you strong lady

Thank you for always supporting!! =) !PIZZA


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I never even heard of these types of music by genre but I have heard the sounds before & didn't even know what they were. I had to go look them up just to know. I do however know your music! It has a distinct sound and I have always liked most of what you do, which is strange since I'm old school R & B.

Your music has introduced me to new sounds & I can't wait to see what's next.
I wish you much success in all you do. Your plate is definitely full for 2024.


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