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So I've been listening to a lot of psytrance for the past 6 months or so at the gym or in the car, or occasionally at home under the influence of certain amounts of LSD. I used to be really into this music 15 years ago but kinda fell off after going through a touch of "insanity", for lack of a better term, and I started thinking that in order to counteract the schizo pit I was falling into I needed to swim back up to the surface and live a normal boring married life. Well, that didn't work out and after working through the anger that resulted from the realization that I can't live on the surface and acceptance that my natural place of being is on the fringes of society, or reality even...psytrance started sounding friggin awesome to me again. I've tried to connect with some friends who were DJs back in the day but they all have kids, jobs, wives, mortgages, etc, and are all low key depressed. They humour me for a moment but I can tell the music wasn't grabbing them the way it was grabbing me.

As an old school rave dj in a former life, if I listen to enough of a type of electronic dance music, I'm inclined to collect my favorite tracks and compile them. It's been a blast, especially since I'm a skilled producer now dusts off shoulder, I can make super ill smooth premeditated mixes. Obviously they would sound a bit more crude if mixed live, but I don't have anyone beating down my door for gigs so I can cross that bridge if/when I get there.

But honestly, half the fun here for me has been making graphics to go along with the mixes. I used to loath needing to find visual elements to go with my music but after spending the last 2-3 years practicing regularly on my ipad, I've come up with a system or formulas that are really working well for me. It does involve AI art, so I know that's probably controversial to some of you but it's been a god send for non-visual artists like myself. If I had iPads and AI image generators when I was in my prime I would have been unstoppable! But hey, here I am getting a second chance at reliving my glory days while my normal friends do normal people things and I diverge from society like one of Anne Rice's vampires.

So anyway, I'm gonna make some posts for each of my graphics showing how I made it and link to the corresponding mix. If you want to jump ahead of me, just check out my mixcloud page here:

P.S. Haven't stopped producing psychill and got an album coming out real soon; a collaborative effort between myself and long time producer friend DeeperNET. All humility aside, it kicks ass, and I can' only speak for myself saying I think it's the best work I've done yet. Can't wait for all 24 of my fans to hear it!! Made album art and full length videos for it too, so that'll be fun, and give me something to post about to collect that sweet sweet Hive Power.

Okay enough for now, until next time

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