Wow, you have such amazing piano skills! Incredible.

yeah sir he is very talented in playing musical instrument the last post of him which you have shared with us was awesome,from the beginning to the ending the tune was so amazing that i not moved my ear back from my earphone once a second during the play,great post @samidbarid keep all your hard and good works up you will surely get success in your work.have a great day to you both.

I agree as you have mentioned earlier.
His piano skills is amazing,i never miss his post and always try my best to leave a comment.One of the best musician in steemit.Am i right @tosch?

Totally agree ;)

he is very talented in playing musical instrument.
hope he will get all his success he wants in life.
have a great time to you both friend.

Hellp me plzz

Wow you have such a gift

Hi Sami.

I'd suggest "Ancestors knock on my door" as the title for your piece.


This is just awesome, Sami! I love it!

You are awesome .In love with your piano skills and i like your bread too :D. Post some more videos <3

Wow what a beauty, I loved it

wow amazing skills and such gift

a very original way to play the piano

I'm interesting for piano,
A gift for you piano, you have such amazing piano skills! Incredible
Thanks for sharing ...

Remarkably beautiful and eloquently expressed. You bring a talent that expresses your soul. Question. What is the brand and model of your keyboard. Again thanks @samidbarid

Great work again.

for me, that's definitely a "Triceratops Dance". No doubts about it

Brilliant job! Your song freshen up my mood. Thanks a lot.😊

impressive composition!

So beautiful....

nice post.. I like it.. thanks for sharing @samidbarid

Lovely sound, great technique. Title??....something about "yearning" or "aspiration" or "longing" towards something that is out of reach (like a rainbow)

You're very talented.
I like your music.

a drop of rain !

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