Monetizing your music on the Blockchain, an inside view (Part 3)

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Following the part 1:

And the part 2:

Why is everything so slow?
If anyone has the answer, it is welcome, because for my part I do not understand the process. Music platforms on the blockchain are born in stages!? It will take many months to see the appearance of features that all coders worthy of the name would code you in a few days, even weeks. Do you have an explanation? Comparatively, Choon had been delivered turnkey, fully functional. Basically. Look at Audius, everything is basicaly here.

At the time of writing this publication, the Musicoin platform is frozen, the network no longer works.. no more minors. We understand them! Mining does not mean losing money. The site is frozen, the artists can no longer put music there since the network no longer works. The dev team and the ambassadors may say that they will save the ship and that a new platform with a new Token will see the light of day soon, it's dead! Why? Because we have been waiting for two years for an update of the website, an update that would make the website attractive, both for artists and for music lovers. An update with which the artists could have created albums (a basic function all the same), playlists, reorganization of tracks, lists of favorites, etc, etc.. The list is long with features what more mundane. And nothing, not even the shadow of a screenshot of a future version. It is also a mistake, this blatant lack of communication. And now, after two years of waiting in vain, the decimated, totally disorganized team should offer us a new platform shortly? Come on, come on, let's be realistic.. But, wait and see.

I shared my musicoin profile because the mainpage don't even point to music.. A first big mistake! Musicoin is trade only on Dove Wallet now, and daily volume is near to 0.


A promising project, certainly. But slow to execute. Let's go back a bit.. It was in December 2019 that all the big announcements were made to recover the artists of Choon. We are in May 2020. Gentlemen, what are you waiting for? I have never seen a platform with such limited functionality when launched. They have just been slightly updated, that is to say that you can upload your tracks alone. It's an Alpha phase, ok! But you are already asking to pay subscriptions. The artist profile is a simple page with the tracks, no possibilities for the music lover to fav it, fav tracks or anything else. ?! Move a little more fast, maybe. Emanate is based on EOSIO blockchain and the EMT token is used for access and governance. The Team look a good one, open to listening to artists, and doing the best to fix the things. But will that be enough?! Because there are two very important aspects to deal with, the artist side and the music lover side. And to attract music lovers, the site must be attractive, ergonomic, functional. Some of the music platforms that emerge on the blockchain forget this second part, which is probably the most important for a viability in the medium and long term: music lovers! I believe in Emanate but they need to move faster to get people of both sides with them.

Keep an eye on Audius, Matter.. which I will tell you about later.

Music of the day: Beyond

Keep in touch too for the next chapter! :0)
Still so much to say.

Don't hesitate to share your own point of view!

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Musicoin? Is that still a thing? Thought that died off when they seemingly didn't give a shit after Cryptopia and their main exchange collapsed and they didn't even bother to address any concerns that all the community had!

Choon, obviously don't need to say any more but a real shame because features were rolled out rapidly and the site was functional, fast and had something for fans and musicians. But they f__ked themselves... Royally!

Emanate I'm just starting to look into more and looks like they have got great backing from Deadmau5 who is a big name in electronic music. Like you say, slow progress at the moment and I heard they have been in development for over 2 years too? But I think they are on the right lines from what I've seen and looking to spread artists around. Hope they don't fall in to the same pitfalls as the others

Right now I'm sticking with Hive and sharing my tunes on here as it's been a far more social experience and developments with peakd are lightning too with spotify support now enabled.

Hello @nickyhavey,

For Musicoin, you point to a very important aspect, communication. The artists and the music lovers remained on the expectation. They were both expecting an easy-to-use website with all the necessary options. On telegram, they repeated over and over again that this site was in development and that it would arrive soon. Instead, at one point, they released a Mobile app that was nothing more than the website clone. Not functional from a standpoint of today's standards. And no communication.. Then things went on.. A slow dying.

Choon, despite some mistakes in strategies made, in my opinion, it was a lack of money that caused the project to sink. And probably differences of opinion within the founding team. The ICO that had been pushed back should have been made to raise funds, keep the ship afloat, and continue to develop the planned functionality: merchandising, license, etc. But what a functional site!

Emanate is promising, but so low to build up. For the moment this is just a simple demo. For many months, indeed. I seem to have read an article on your music there, by the way. A Focus. I do not think that having a "big name" changes anything to the problem that a site must be operational quickly, both for artists and for music lovers. The future will tell us. It's also a bit of a special time that we're all going through right now.

Yes, Hive is a good platform to spread the word, to meet people.
Oh, I wasn't aware, Spotify is now supported. Great news! Hope Bancamp will come soon, too!

Have a fantastic day! :0)
Thanks to take time to leave a message.

Yes I got featured on Emanate and I'm grateful for that. I do occasionally listen to some music on the site but I think content discovery could be a bit of an issue if it's done by "mood" rather than genre types like everywhere else. We'll see but as we've pointed out, the reputation of blockchain music platforms is pretty tarnished and put off quite a few of us who've been around for a while.

Maybe the slow rolling out of features from Emanate is a good thing but you're you're right, I'd say the experience should be more focused on the fans. Once they allow comments, that will be great but I think they have a good position in that they see other projects failings and can learn from them.

For Spotify embeds on Hive, you need to get the share link/embed link from the DESKTOP app, otherwise it won't work and will just be a link. I know this works on @peakd but if you want Bandcamp and other embeds like Mixcloud, they are still looking in to it I think. Or at least it can be suggested. All it is at the end of the day is an iframe and keeps the user's retention on Hive.

Look forward to the next edition of your series.

Hello @nickyhavey,

Thank you for your feedback! :0)
Much appreciated!
He joined mine.

"to attract music lovers, the site must be attractive, ergonomic, functional. Some of the music platforms that emerge on the blockchain forget this second part, which is probably the most important for a viability in the medium and long term: music lovers!

Musicoin never worked on it, for exemple.

Thank you to keep interested by this article serie.

Have a peaceful sunday.
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yeah, also invested time and resources to some of these projects and have nothing to show for it. This is crypto (I guess).
In any case, thank you for pointing me to Audius and Matter; Will check those out. Definitely with more caution than I did with the previous music platforms.

Hey man,
About Musicoin, it's really sad to see that the platform has really a great potential, and they let it die slowly, slowly. Because of bad decision, or laxism.

Well, we are in a turning point, we will see what the future bring. At this moment, nothing really concrete, finally.

I try to be as objective as possible, but also to suggest things. This is only my humble opinion. I also say things that others don't say, or even admit.. Who knows, sometimes it can get things done..

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