@steempty check out my latest video that I just sent to Steemit! Maybe it will cheer you up) heheh)) just for your mood!

you are funny))) good video, especially I like the positive end of the video :) it's good that I got to know you. you are a good girl, always cheer me up! it is a pity that you live in Ukraine, or it is a pity that I am in Russia :) hahahah
let's go live in America, England, Thailand or Israel, or Germany)
we would be good friends!

glad to hear!I just love people! and animals of course too, especially cats =(^.^)=

Come to the philippines and travel falls and nice beaches swim with whales :))

Thank you, this was very calming after a busy day. :)

Mate this song is sad :( or at least makes me sad! You feeling ok? There are news I haven't told you :(

very bad when you do not know what is happening, but I want to help! as already written yakubenko
I am also ready to support :) @webdeals do you know something??

I am afraid I have no idea to be honest... :(

music to calm the nerves! I hope that in Steempty everything is fine! :((

Hey there @steempty!

I know you are an advocate of declining rewards when posting other people's works.

Then, I noticed this post: which you voted on.

Did you reevaluate your stance or is that something you are unware of?

God I love Thom Yorke, listening now

Thank you so much for the vote. Made my day :)

Good music. Soothes the nerves :)
Thanks for sharing! =(^-^)=
really sad music! are you okay I am always ready to support!

@steempty This music inspires me =)hug

Radiohead <3

It's been awhile... thanks for sharing. :0

I could not stop watching the video, I even repeated it like 3 times to see those two figures dancing to the rhythm of the song, I do not know if it was just my mind, or all the people see the same two figures dancing as me.

Greetings @steempty from Venezuela. ;)

Thanks for sharing this relaxing life thinking song @steempty I feel the video is also simple yet effective using the oceans movements. "Come under my wings, little bird"

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Greetings @steempty is that a human dancing with effect,the music sounds familiar with me.. Did i cry or just a red eye?😥😥 Beautiful music..

@steempty this song gave me something this night _ a huge nightmare_ I listened to it from the beginning to the end it sounds cool and great though. Thanks for sharing this music 🎶🎶🎶 and also thanks gain for those automatic juicy upvote. From the bottom of my heart I appreciate your support. I followed you up too.


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