Good times right there.

What an interesting and high-quality music))

Hello) I'm in it))
great music, were you at this concert? here you are where you disappeared =) while we are experiencing, you are entertained, haha, joke! Have a good time!)

I will share this music with my followers. Let them even hear the normal music =)

Hi, great to see you back!
I really love Radiohead, it's so cool to see that you love them too! I think their songs have really special meaning.
It's crazy how we perceive music, by the way:) English is not my native (as you probably can see, sorry for mistakes I make), but since childhood if I listened to any lyrics in foreign language (not important if it was English, or French, or anything else) I really wished to know how the text translates, and only loved the song in case if I loved the text. On the other hand my hubby, for example, listens mostly to music itself and doesn't care what is the text about:)
Here I really love the text.
How is Max, by the way? We haven't heard about him for a while, and I would be happy to draw another portrait of him;)

good one mate you were close enough :)

OMG! Radiohead! I like them very much!:))
I would love to hear them live :)

I love radiohead ,
How was the vacation .

I love the life performance band music which radiate more blue lights on sparkling 🎶🎶🎶. Thank you 😊

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