A merry messy christmas card NFT by the Stick Up Boys

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We love Hive and there are so many people we love on here and we wanted to say thank you and send you all a Christmas card! Obviously we cant post one so we have sent you one on NFT Showroom! I never would have thought 2 years ago we would sending our Christmas cards via NFT! We probably forgotten a load of people so if we have then forgive us, it is Christmas....


YOu can find the card on NFT showroom https://nftshowroom.com/gallery/stickupboys_stick-up-boys-art_a-merry-christmas-from-the-stick-up-boys?collection=true

Big thank you and a Merry Messy Christmas!

So many people are supporting us on your journey and we wanted to send you all a Christmas card to wish you well and celebrate our friendship and wish you Merry Christmas...

So a big thank you goes out to all you wonderful folk:

@raymondspeaks for the continued faith and belief in us!
@tdctunes for the music, good times and advice
@thisismylife for organising us and being dedicated in all she does to help
@hetty-rowan for the words and the art
@ecoinstant for the sage wisdom
@papacrusher for being cool, collected and a great listener
@caulderfreeman for the basement dreams...and good times
@pixiepost for the enthusiasm and moderating
@jux not only from us but for every thing you do for all indie musicians and the community
@steevc for endless support, account creations and support
@foxon well cause its foxon and we love foxon
@efastromberg94 for being a good friend
@themarkymark for telling us we are being stupid
@melinda010100 for the support you give us and your community
@trumpman for the morning welcome to brighten up our day
@ablaze for sharing music and making us share music
@ciderjunkie for support and friendship
@dadspardan for being a top bloke and good friend
@nyxlabs for the inspiration by the river
@flauwy big up the Cartel fam!
@theturtleproject for the music and RS cards
@wagginston top bloke and champion!
@ugochill brilliant guitar and great to meet you in Brighton!
@traciyork for keeping us in line....
@monsterjamgold for being an all round top bloke
@nahupuku for the musical passion and all you do for your community

Just to make it clear that we do appreciate you all but just by your association with us and by being on this list you are officially on the naughty list.....bad luck!

Also we hope you got it all wrapped up now....

Big love, fun and seasons greetings

the Stick Up Boys



Awww thank you so much! What a nice surprise! Stick Up Boys NFTS rock. :)

Well, you know what list I am on! LOL Seriously, though, thanks for being awesome & can't wait to see those awesome GIFS rocking the GIF world again... (hmmm, creating some GIFS sounds like a fun idea...what do you think, @tdctunes?)

Merry Christmas to you & yours!💚✨



More gifs!!!!!!!!!! Hope you have a good one and may you ever be in close proximity to a bottle of red wine....

I don't know anything about gifs. Do you know anyone who does??

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Wait, this means I'm on the naughty list? Damn it!!! I hope Santa doesn't read this.
Thank you for the kind words! Also for the support and encouragement! It's been a pleasure working with you!

Merry Christmas 2022 Christmas Card.gif

That's so cool !! Merry Christmas :)

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I knew I would forget a few people! That is why we kept a few spares! Merry Christmas bro and keep up the inspirational music, you card is being delivered by elves as we speak!

Oh haha Thanks mate!
You guys are always on the cusp with great ideas :)

cheers bro and have a great christmas!

Thanks for the kind words, and being on the naughty list. Lol. Wish you all a very Merry Christmas too!



Thanks a Lot My pukubrothers
Merry XMAX

I wish you all a good time... may some snow be around a nd you will gain some kisses under a mistletoe.

To be on the Naughty list makes me special, it means im no one of those eelish normals :D

Thanks mate for a year of amazing stuff a year of happiness and all the things around it....

Stay as you are and be calmed :)

cheers bro! Much better to be a little bit naughty!

i could say ask your Wife about this ... but hey its still daytime ^^

Hey thanks for the mention old friend and thanks for everything, I am glad to have you as a friend! Hope next year brings us all good things :) <3

Wow, my first NFT Xmas card! It's been quite a year for us all on Hive. I'm hoping 2023 will be even better.

Have a great Xmas.


IKR first one we ever sent but it is nice way to do it on here!

Big up for 2023, hope you drink some good Whiskey!

Happy chirstmas and sure thing :) my good friend :)

Happy Christmas to you too!

happy christmas it was a nice event

Merry Christmas, brother!

Right back at ya my American brother!

Thank you so much for the NFT and for being awesome! Merry Christmas! :)

thats not the real santa....


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ugochill tipped stickupboys (x1)

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Aaah..Nice. :) Thank You so much. Grand meeting you. Merry Christmas and Have a great winter holidays.
May 2023 be a good year for us.
Much Love.


You too bro! Hope you get to play some loud guitar on Christmas day!

Thank you so much! <3

It is as they say....we are legion!


Nice! Best XMAS card ever!