Taking part in New Zealand's Shred Collab 2021!

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HI HIve!

Taking part in this countrywide collab was a privilege and the BEST fun!

New Zealand's Shred Collab 2021! MASSIVE thanks goes especially to Lindsay Warren for organizing, Jonathan Meyer for mixing, Bryce Patten for the video edit and Liam Sims for the backing track! Timestamps and info below:

00:06 Trent Stone, trentstone.co.nz, Auckland
00:32 Bryce Patten, Downfall of Humanity, @downfallnz, Auckland
01:01 Logan Wynne, @sassys_gram, Wellington
01:29 Georgi Dobrev, The First Child, @thefirstchildnz, Auckland
01:57 Jordan Carpenter, Achilles Complex, @achillescomplexband, Hamilton
02:25 Hayley Nessia, Forty Bucks Til Tuesday, @fortybuckstt, Auckland
02:54 Lindsay Warren, YT: Lindsay Hemiona Warren, Levin
03:24 Louis Simpson, @louispsimpson, Auckland
03:51 Jonathan Meyer, Underscore, @jonathanbmeyer @underscorenz, West Auckland
04:19 Joe Gentilcore, YT: Sleep Deprived Shred, @joeyg4658, Hamilton
04:47 Geoffrey Gunawan, @n0taguitarist, Kapiti/Wellington
05:17 Thorin Williams, YT: morthor, Wellington
05:46 Renelia Whitmarsh, Karnack, @karnack_nz, Waikato
06:12 Sam Peterson, Unyielding Desolation / Arcadian / Christless, YT: Sam Peterson, Christchurch

Peace and love to you all.


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