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If you’re into 90’s Grunge or Hard Rock then I invite you to check out the brand new EP by 1 Supernova called ‘Neverafter’. You can listen to the EP on Spotify right here:

1 Supernova ‘Neverafter’ EP Review

The EP opens with the song called ‘The End’ and as soon as the guitar kicks in at about 18 seconds I can’t help but let the head banging begin. The drums, bass and second guitar start shortly after the opening riff and this tune really starts to rock straight away. The distorted guitars sound super strong, the bass line and drums compliment the guitars and once singer Tom Sucigan starts I am already blown away by the amount of energy in this opening track. I really like the line ‘is this the end?’, because it sounds like this could be the end for a lot of bands that sound nowhere near this good! While this song and the entire EP is obviously about a relationship ending, I have to say this first track sounds quite optimistic at times, which is good to hear. This is a track that millions of people all over the world can identify with and while there are tons of songs written about this subject, not many bands out there can deliver such high energy levels throughout an entire track. If 1 Supernova can deliver a live performance that is this energetic, then this band will go very far. I can only support the fact that there is ‘undeniable talent as songwriters and musicians’ (This is what Indie-Spoonful.com have written about this band).

The second song of the EP actually features a video as well and I always appreciate it when artists take the time to create a video that highlights what the band and the music is all about. 1 Supernova founder, guitarist, songwriter and producer Chris Frycki actually produced this video, which would explain why it flows so well with the music.

In my opinion they (especially Frycki) have done a great job with this video, as well as the song, so I’d highly recommend you check out the video for the second track of the EP called ‘Undead’:

There are several things I really like about the video: First off all the scenes and the vibe are perfect for this song and really highlight what this band (as well as the song) is all about. Secondly the editing is really well done as well; I love how the lyrics have been included in the video and in the description under the video. This shows a level of dedication that I don’t often see, so that’s always a good sign. There are also several comments under the video who love what they’re hearing and seeing. Frankly, I feel the same.

‘Undead’ starts off with a killer guitar-riff and the main difference between this and the previous song is the fact that this seems to rock from start to finish. The distorted guitars don’t stop and while there are some muted sections in the verse, the entire track is once again full of energy. My personal favourite section is probably the guitar solo by Frycki that starts at about 2:40 minutes into the song. The solo transitions into a melodic part where the drums take a little break and bassist Nick Pulsinelli really does an incredible job in this section. At this stage I also notice that this band has somehow managed to be very ‘grungy’ taking the best parts from that style and combine it with lyrics that are perfect for a global pandemic, as they are brutally honest and resemble what a lot of people feel like in these uncertain times.

The next song is called ‘Fall Away’ and this is the first track where the energy-level is taken down a little bit. The guitar is a little cleaner sounding, the entire vibe of this song is quite positive sounding, despite the lyrics being still very realistic. There is a lot of Hard Rock elements and even a little Classic Rock in this and not a lot of Grunge, which is a nice change. Singer Tom Sucigan does a fantastic job here, especially at the end of this. But my personal highlight is once again the guitar solo by Frycki at about 2 minutes into the song. There are some amazing bend-ups in there and I just love how strong the guitars sound.

Track number four is called ‘Neverwise’ and I can feel the pain in the chorus when the line ‘Never going back again’ is sung. At this stage I really notice all the fill-ins drummer Jaren Sucigan is doing and I have to say he does a spectacular job. The drummer actually opens this one, so perhaps it makes sense that I am so focused on them here. This is the saddest, most heart-breaking song on this EP for me so far and I’m amazed by the versatility of 1 Supernova! While all the songs are basically about ‘Neverafter’, there is a range of emotions to be heard on this EP, almost like the different stages of grief (anger, depression etc). There is another guitar solo here at about 2:45 and this one might be my favourite so far!

The final song on the debut EP ‘Neverafter’ is called ‘Lies’. Another thing I absolutely love is when a band saves the best for last and leaves the listener wanting to hear more. This is exactly the case here. The track starts off with a strong guitar melody and all the instruments are present almost immediately. This makes the intro rock and it continues to do so during the first verse. The chorus features the same catchy riff you get to hear at the beginning, but this time it is accompanied by the lyrics, which are once again very relatable. What impresses me most in this final track is bassist Pulsinelli, who once again does an incredible job, but really this song highlights all the things I previously mentioned about this band. For all those reasons I can only recommend you check out the debut EP ‘Neverafter’ by the band 1 Supernova! Here are the official links:

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