House Music (Bounty Inside - Check the Rules!)

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House Music for Community Engagement

Hiya Steemians - Week Number Four in our little (Dance) Music Community approach to reward people for engaging and showing their music. This week we cover Wednesday House as Steem-Bounty post even we are in the middle of the World Cup.

Recently we made Bounty posts around Techno Friday, Dance Weekend and Disco Tuesday. We rewarded hundreds of Steemians for their engagement but also discovered some bounty experts simply comment to get bounty rewards but not even vote for the post - I call that greedy behaviour. I am not a fan of requirements to Upvote and Resteem posts just to enter a contest but it seems we have to do it.

Below the tags (you will find two new ones) we usually cover with a bounty music engagement Dance bounty. Thanks to @andyjaypowell for creating Wednesday House.

Rules this Time

So - please get ready and interact around House Music - this time the following rules apply to qualify for rewards by the Bounty:

1- Comment with a story or music fitting the topic
2 - No copy / paste, original written text required
3 - No Upvote Required BUT
4 - Resteem this post (never thought I would write that ever lol)

The more engagement, the more contests or higher bounties to come soon! As a reminder we handle weekly contests around the tags below for now until Hivemind rolls out:

As always readers and creator of the post will decide via their votes how the Bounty amount will be spread among the people adding their comments. Be creative and do not spam and FOLOOW THE RULES.

Important: You have over SIX days to get engaged so take your time - I will not vote all comments immediately :-)

My Choice of House

Today I have some commercially successful House Music, no Hard or Techno House but something melodic for the ladies and girls - one version with - one without lyrics.

"Don't You Worry Child" is the sixth and final single released by Swedish house music supergroup Swedish House Mafia until their reunion. It is the last single from their second studio album, Until Now, featuring vocals from Swedish singer John Martin. In the United States, it is the act's second number-one single on Billboard's Dance/Mix Show Airplay chart, following "Save the World". It received a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording in the 2013 Grammy Awards, as did its predecessor, "Save the World", the previous year.

Steem Bounty explained

Steem-Bounty is an initiative by the fab Steemian called @knircky - the bounty is a tool to reward readers based on their engagement In a nutshell get engaged with useful comments and you might get rewarded by the Steem Bounty amount someone pays for the posts, most of the time this is he creator of the post. Check the announcement post for all the rules:

But do not abuse bounty posts it with shitty / spammy / stolen comments as you could land on a black list if the creator down votes your comment, so make sure you actually engage and do not spam.

Feel free to post using #WednesdayHouse about your favourite related Music or Happenings - just keep it original!

Please also check the following awesome music addicts on Steemit

Awesome folks like me (lol) that offer also their own music project initiatives on our platform. These music experts always provide quality content - just comment if I forgot someone - am compiling a list on all music community guys moving forward (the most recent ones I found are added on top)

@edje aka @qsounds

Music tags, initiatives, projects and contests

Thanks to @edje please find below also several music tags you might consider to visit ( check his profile - he is an awesome music curator).

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Special Music Tags To Visit

#classical-music by @remlaps
#danceweekend by @uwelang
#discotuesday by @musicgeek
#metalweekend by @detlev (see also "Play It Loud" above)
#mondaymixtape by @hardikv (see also "Monday Mixtape" above)
#mondaytrance by @andyjaypowell
#rapthursday by @flipstar
#rockclassics by @uwelang
#wednesdayhouse by @andyjaypowell

Sources: Wikipedia and YT


House music is a great sound that has become an integral part of the clubs on this planet. The same applies in the charts:
House Music ist ein geiler Sound, der nicht nur aus den Clubs dieses Planeten nicht mehr wegzudenken ist. Auch in den Charts gilt:

And hopefully the same tomorrow at #rapthursday by @flipstar!
Und gleiches morgen hoffentlich auch beim #rapthursday von @flipstar ! :-)

Thanks for this comment which is qualified @andyjaypowell - and also thanks for pushing the awesome #rapthursday by @flipstar

Danke @d-vine - eigene Tracks sind immer die Essenz, das Optimum, danke dafür!

Na superbstens!! Freut mich :)

Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag & eine noch bessere Woche lieber Uwe <3

One of my favourite older Hosue Tunes now even mixed to become modern house - CCP is in da houze :-)

Auch im "House"- Bereich habe ich so meine Favoriten!!!
Ich finde z.B. " One More Time " von Daft Punk absolut spitzenklasse!!!!
Wenn ich diesen Song höre, kann ich mich quasi kaum zurückhalten ;-) !

Don't You Worry Child is actually a guilty pleasure of mine. Don't tell anyone ;)

House has so many flavors. I have to go with this remix of a classic which is a rework of an older remix (a bit confusing, but just enjoy the deep house vibes):

Thanks for contributing - you are (almost) qualified

Ah, I missed that one! Resteemed now @uwelang

lol :-) - all good, thanks qualified @cizzo

Heeey House Party Peeooples,
in case im hearing House and Rock n Roll today i present you my smoothy Housetrack which im heared 24h till yesterdays posting on Youtube:

Tune in and feel the Vibes !

Danke für den Beitrag, Du bist (fast) qualifiziert lol - diesmal muss ich Regeln anwenden, die ich normal auch nicht mag - aber wir haben ja noch 6 Tage.

@uwelang werd mich da nochmal durchlesen durch's Regelwerk ;-) 👍

One of the 2018 summer hits is "Got You" by French DJ Michael Calfan. The electro-house tune and the vocals, which punch through the bassline in a perfect way.

Thanks for this - qualified entry

Nice to hear!

What are all these awful fake House Music tracks you are all posting? ;-)
It has to be 1986 to 1988, it has to be Chicago, Trax records....and this Wednesday it has to be ...Adonis - No way Back

It was cool clubs, posing, looking was the was the start of Ibiza and this was the beginning of all dance music that has come since .
Joking apart, Ive listened to some great new music on this thread, and what a brilliant idea to have #wednesdayhouse , cheers @uwelang

Thanks, almost qualified. What has @detlev to do with it :-)?

ohh sorry @uwelang lol...i was just thinking about #metalweekend when I wrote this lol and remember to resteem :-)

Mi eleccion es para este #wednesdayhouse es el remix hecho por el DJ-Productor Beave, quien desde hace un tiempo atras le he dado seguimiento a sus canciones y a su grandioso estilo, espero les guste :)

My choice for this #wednesdayhouse is the remix made by DJ-Producer Beave, who for some time ago i followed his songs and his great style, I hope you like it :)

muchas gracias amigo - you are qualified

This extended mix of Electric Feel by PAX is currently number one song on Beatport Top 100 list.

Thanks @zorank - you are qualified with your comment.

I'll add something bittersweet to the mix today. This is Wassermann - which is one of the many aliases of Wolfgang Voigt, co founder and co owner of Colognes Kompakt label. What makes this special are certainly the few lines of lyrics he took from Rheinhard Mey's "In Tyrannis" to create this rather heavy and melancholy track.

Always enjoy an opportunity to talk about house music on here. I picked this one for my weekly post because of the memories it brings back to me. Those 80s stabs and that bass line are pure playful good vibes and I'm feeling it this week.

Den Track von Swedish House Mafia habe ich länger nicht gehört.
Immer noch, nein viel besser immer wieder ein Genuß.
Ich liebe den Track!!! :-)

Danke, das freut mich sehr mein Freund!

It was so great to see them back on stage earlier this year after few years of break. And the best news is they should make a world tour in 2019.

Let's honour real house music. This track is still relevant today: Blaze - Lovelee Day (Eight Miles High Remix).

Good music - thanks for commenting

@uwelang hope you liked :) thanks 😎

I liked it a lot - did i miss to add a vote for the bounty - sorry! My apologies - too many things to handle simultaneously it seems

I really miss when Roman Flügel produced under this name. Classic.

@iamevilradio I didn't know it was him! you are a walking encyclopedia of electronic music. Kudos!


Ha! I've got the weirdest memory for this type of stuff. My wife gives me crap about this all the time because I seem to have most ridiculous memory if there is a musical cue involved.

i love vevo songs.

thanks for commenting but not qualified yet

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Hard to choose words for the story but it's a great piece of music

KAMER & Balthier - Damage | Deep House
Good song for hyping. Great house music

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with this I deestreso any Wednesday, Thursday or the day he hehe greetings! It is excellent to put it after your team wins now in world times!

Great muzik

Today I have some commercially successful House Music, no Hard or Techno House but something melodic for the ladies and girls

Man,​ this is very sexist!!!!!


Because women and men do not listen to music differently,
and there's not a melodic music for ladies and girls, or hard music or tech house for man… even if you don’t notice this is sexist… its a bad choice of words!

I see - thanks for the advise psychologist

Your welcome smooth operator :)

Was meant in a positive way and i hate racists and sexists - I try to see nice things and speak about nice things too here mainly :-)

I know, that's why I follow your blog! Even if I'm not completely into the musical choices​. And on the regards of melodic music, if I'm not mistaken, the only upvote I got from you was on the most melodic music post I made :D