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Some songs wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for their basslines. In this post I point out a few. Some basslines which were defining for the particular song.


Give it away by the Red Hot chilli peppers. Flea is one of the stable factors behind the RHC. His basslines are often a important piece of a Chilli Peppers song. This cut is the master of the bassline recorded during their recordings.

Roco Prestia , the bassplayer of the Tower of Power has his own unique style of playing. Therefore it's almost his trademark. It fit's just right into the swinging funky music of Tower of Power. When you imagine the song without the bass, it's just not the same... It needs that drive..

One of the most famous basslines is (of course) the bassline from Under pressure by Queen and David Bowie. It's a easy, simple but yet effective bassline. A lot of bassplayers play it during tuning and everybody recognizes it :)...

Another Queen song, you can say they made a lot of songs which you'll never forget just by hearing the bassline. Another one bites the dust.. A classic bass driven song.

A 80's song by Mr Mister. A great bassline which carries the song totally.

A oldy, Cream - Sunshine of your love. The riff (together with guitar) is classical. A song o lot played by a lot of cover bands here in the Netherland.

Maybe not known by a lot of my followers here on Hive, the song Schism by Tool. This song I (truely) first heard by playing Guitar Hero on the playstation. I thought the song was massive.... The bassline is so powerfull yet simple in arrangement. But be honest, it defines the song really...

Come together by the beatles. A (for me) no typical Beatles song but with a bassline everybody knows.. I like the slide on the strings a lot, gives a great sound.

Ben E king, Stand by me. I often played this bass line on my acoustic guitar on holidays exactly because of the fact people knew what I was playing lol....

Muse - Hysteria. The great thing of Muse is that they are such a musical geniusses.. Their music is full with heavy distorted sound but with such a definition, remarkable...

I finish wit a golden oldie, Living on a prayer by Bon Jovi. This song is carried by the bassplayer (at least I think it does lol). I played the song once on a wedding of two women, the wanted us (Sixtrings) to play this song on their wedding. The were one of the first lesbian couples that got married here in Holland. It was a awesome wedding with some awesome songs we played. This was one of them...

Well, I can go on for ages, there are so many songs defined by the basslines played in them, can you name a few?
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Primus sucks, hahaha.

Nothing like a solid bassline. Without it there is no song.

You got that right :)

I heard on the radio the other day that Rolling Stone just did their poll of the greatest bass players ever. You should see if you can find the list. I know Jacko was in the top ten along with a couple of others I have heard you mention before.

A really, have to take a look. Jaco is the MAN when it comes to bassplayers... He is the founder of the modern bass as we still now it today..

You should give a listen to Jinjer. Their bass player is pretty awesome. 😎

A great, will do !! Thanks !!

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