Hectic week

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This week has been awfull. At work it was busy as hell, besides work I got a lot going on with the soccer club, and besides that there was a lot of stuff going on between that.... Thank god for the weekend.......


This song just makes the evening ' great again' . It's not spot-less, but the guy play's it just awesome...and I love his voice.


He nails Billy Jean like a boss. His attack on the guitar is just so energetic.. Love it.. The voice of the girl is also amazing..


The awesome about YouTube is, that it suggest the next song/video for you. The above video is a great one too, especially the italian singer joining, he has a great voice, and within the italian language it just makes it even better.

As a closure for tonight, a video of some streetperformances where the actual artists joins... isn;t that great.


Have a great night,



There's some very talented buskers out there. Generally I only hear them in passing, but will stick around if I can. Lots in London.

Have a !BEER

In holland it is not that common, unfortunately. I love a good streetmusician and am more than willing to have a seat and listen... Of course with a tip

I love walking around big cities and listening to all of the people busking on the corners. Such talent! I remember reading a story a long time ago about this guy and his daughter who were on a subway in New York. The guy started singing and the daughter was so embarrassed. Turns out the guy was Billy Joel, could you imagine being on that train ride?

wow, wouldn't that be awesome... Jimmy Fallon has done it to, disguised as streetmusicians but then with U2, imagine seeing them in a subway....

I'd probably get all drooly and faint. U2 is one of my all time favorites.

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