Some female favorites in music

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Not that it makes a difference it a musician is male of female, music is just music and it touches you or moves you. But because I already wrote a lot about music I wanted to dedicate post to the great female musicians I love. :)

Ellen Foley, a singer I got to know trough my parents. They used to play her albums a lot when I was young. "We belong to the night" was a massive hit back then. Great to see (2018) that she still sings the song. A bit slower, more vibrato on her voice. But I recognize it from without a thousand songs...

Melanie....again a singer my parents often played. This song gives me goosebumps.. She is a awesome singer/songwriter with a unique sound and voice....

Lita Ford, a guilty pleasure from my metal-rock-youth :) A gorgious woman with a attitude :) Blond, long hair, long legs and playing a guitar... What else do you need :). She still performs, although she has more difficulty singing... She's still a gorgious woman (I think)


Doro, former singer of Warlock. Same as Lita.... Just a guilty plesure :) Great rock singer. She earned her metal stars :) With Warlock she was big...bigger...biggest... Solo. After Warlock she went solo, also very popular, but mostly because of Warlock :)

Beth Hart, a woman with a hard life...she was bi-polar.... Ruined almost her own career, been on drugs...been on alchohol....but she survived... I have so much respect for this woman. She is a great musician with a great voice...
Listen carefully to this song.... this is just as good as it gets...

Have a great night !!!



Are they Dutch, I have not heard of any of them?

haha no, not one of them is Dutch :)

Probably one of my favorite female artists is Grace Potter. You should check her out if you haven't heard her. She rocks pretty hard on some of her songs. I have never heard of Warlock before, but I am going to have to check them out now. I also like Lita Ford!

Grace Potter, didn't knew her. But wow, she is full of energy and indeed a rocky/bluesy edge.. Thanks for mentioning !!

I know some of these names... but not all of them. I'm bookmarking this so I can listen to it tomorrow. 😉

Hope you like them !! :)