The art of Drum and Bass

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This time a different piece (in terms of music) than just about bassists :) Drummers together with the bassist form the basis for a band. Drum & bass. Although a drummer is not specifically a soloist, the rhythm definitely determines the flow of a song. How often do you see someone listening to a song moving rhythmically on the song. That is determined by the beat, and whether that is digital or real drums, that's how it works.

When I jam with our band and the drummer sets a certain groove or rhythm, you are simply directed towards a certain bass line. Something that fits perfectly.

one of my great heroes is Mike Portnoy, he is the former drummer of Progressive Rock band DreamTheater. He really is the master of melodic and virtuoso drums.


Together with bassist John Myung, Mike forms the masterful basis for the music of DreamTheater.


When you listen closely to his drummstyle , he has a lot of accents on the cymbals and the way his snaredrum sounds it's just musical porno (sorry for my wordchoice lol)


Another drummer in the same virtuosity is Marco Minneman. I once got a instruction DVD about him. not that I wanted to play the drums but to see how the techniques works. He has some pretty cool stylish things made his own...


At some point Mike Portnoy left DreamTheater, the kept a real audition for their new drummer... You can imagine the drummers applying for that :)


Have fun watching, I did for sure :)

Have a great day !!



Marco Minneman is one of my favorite drummers 💜. The accompaniment of him and Mike is excellent without a doubt.

Marco Minneman is indeed awesome drummer. One of the happy few whom really can coordinate hand and feet absolutely solo ;)

I can't even begin to imagine how hard it would be to fill those shoes. I played percussion in band for many years, but never the set. We had a guy who was basically a prodigy. In 8th grade him and another guy did Moby Dick for the talent show. It was freaking amazing.

You played percussion? Wow, that's such a great way to fill the music to the next level in a band. It adds a great layer to the music.

Yes, seven years I think. I started out on cymbals in marching band and eventually moved my way up to snare. I have so many medals from the orchestra competitions we were in.

Wow, that's cool !!

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