My YouTube Music 2021 Recap

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This year, I ditched my Spotify subscription in favour of YouTube Premium. Not only is the Family Plan cost effective, but it also me to watch streams ad-free and allows floating screen on mobile as I open up other apps on my smartphone.

YouTube Music generated a 2021 Recap which I totally love.

YouTube Music 2021 Recap

Being a fan of K-pop, I'm not surprised that the songs I most played reflected that. This year is also when I finally paid close attention to SEVENTEEN.


Interestingly, YouTube Music highlighted the group's song called HIT as my go-to track when I need some fast beats while working in front of the computer screen. I would have expected 아주 NICE (Very Nice), 박수 (Clap), or HOME;RUN be up there as my choice Energy Anthem.


Overwatch is my favourite MMO game and I am a big fan of the Overwatch League. The soundtracks that OWL have are totally slapping! I play it sometimes to hype myself up, or between breaks while I do my online trainings. Strange that YouTube Music would list the OWL Season 4 Soundtrack as my go-to chillax music LOL.


One of the reasons that pulled me to listening SEVENTEEN's music is after I saw Hoshi dancing to HOME;RUN. Jesus, this kid is talented! His inaugural solo track is amazing in every way as well! It's very true that for days at a time, I have just "Spider" on loop non-stop, so states the recap.


My SEVENTEEN playlist is there mainly for my private consumption, and I'm glad to mix it with the Overwatch League playlist as well.


Do you use YouTube Music? What's your 2021 recap?

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