Spellbound: A relaxing song composed in the woods

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A witchy spellbinding one for you...

This song is "Spellbound" I composed right there as music for Spiritual Healing, positive transformation, self empowerment affirmation, enhancing self-love on our way to spiritual awakening. Chanting and singing with my Low whistle flute along with the Nature of the ever-flowing creek. This is also a very special place to me, a hidden spot in the woods I visit often, kind of my little magical spot in the woods.

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2020 has been a struggling year for everyone but sometimes we have to let the waters flow to remain clear and let us not forget to take care of ourselves and be indulgent on our learning journey. I write while we are facing the second wave in Spain in full blow. So before they may Lockdown entirely again which might happen, I try to escape to the Wilderness where I feel whole. This song is short and sweet and has an uplifting fantasy mood so you can imagine you walk barefoot on the woods and take a bath by the crystalline waters of the river pond. Sometimes I play to the forest and the forest sings back. This one is called Spellbound: The Enchantress Incantation. It also includes the sound of the creek and pond recorded in situ by myself This belongs to the series "Incantations" powerful pagan/Celtic inspired tunes improvised in Nature. To watch the rest of them visit the playlist "Music in Nature" on my youtube channel. By the way I've prepared also a spooky eerie playlist for those looking for seasonal Samhain/Halloween moods.

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As in every video I hide my "fufunchis". Let's see if you can find Ritva, Tuula and Taika, all three of them :)
By the way noone has found them in the previous video "Surrender" so far that I know if you're up to a challenge.



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Yaaaaay :) it makes me happy someone actually takes the time to look for them, :) well as you know there are in every video. In this one two left to be found and thanks for not spoiling the game with the time stamp... wish I had a bigger vote hahaha to reward this :) thanks

Perfect timing. Just what I needed so thank you!
I truly hope you are staying safe and well through the current difficulties.
Best wishes and take care always :-)

Aw thank you, well, 2020 has been a Pandora's box, let's not deny it, and a challenge for me but also for many. This is my medicine and I hope it transmit some part of that healing energy to others too :) Best wishes back

Encuentro al mismo ratoncito que consigue @gregory-f

Me encantan tus vídeos, justo ahorita estoy en el proceso creativo de hacer unos en la naturaleza pero como camaras tendré celulares, puedes darme alguna sugerencia??

No solo quiero hacer música si no grabar cierto contenido

mi sugerencia es al menos comprar uno de esos selfie sticks que tienen trípode o que consigas a alguien que tengo mucha mano para grabar con suficiente estabilización. Los celulares tienen ahora mucha calidad, y a veces no es cuestión de medios sino de imaginación y cariño

Stunningly beautiful! Just adore your videos. :))

Thanks so much for watching and encouraging with your comment