7 Songs in 7 Days with 5 Different Producers - Free Demo Album Release #bonnielegion

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After a slow paced last few months I have decided to come in with a brand new song each day for the last 7 days. I wanted to go in raw and fresh choosing instrumentals that really spoke to me. These are free use non profit instrumentals from 5 different talents producers I found on YouTube.

The 7 song collection will be made available for free download on Bandcamp and I am quite sure I will not be advertising this very much. I really felt a powerful emotive release during the creation of this Demo album and I really love how each song came out, very pure and intense for me. This is a powerful and emotional album and for those who have a hard time figuring out exactly who I am and what I'm about with my wide eclectic variety in music this album will really hone you into my soul a bit more, although my raw acoustics will always prevail in revealing the purest part of me.
Check out and Download Free Bonnie Legion VONBONION Free Demo Album https://bonnielegion.bandcamp.com/album/vonbonion

Tracks Dreamer Prod by MrDave

Mood Swing Prod by IOF

Crashed & Faded Prod by RN

Scars Prod by Mr. Dave

Breathing Underwater Prod by Waterboy

The Grey Prod by waytoolost

Happiness Prod by IOF

All Vocal Lyrics by Shavon Bonnie Legion

Thank you guys for your ears and support in my music. I have little motivation for monetary profits in this field, I really strive to just release bits of my soul out there to bring you comfort and mood and a whole lot of colorful emotion. Bless you all in these crazy times. It would be a great joy if my music brought you a bit of joy, comfort and happiness.


I need to stop by and listen to them which I have not yet at the time of posting this, but just like you,I do not think i would be music if it were for monetary purposes because I accept these are strange times and I just do not expect it, but I agree the soul gotta vent so "We" sing. Hugs

So many blessings to you talented my talented friend it is surely always an honor having you come by

That's a really great set of songs. They did bring me joy. I marvel at how much music you make of such high quality.

I do think you should link your site to Hive rather than 'the other place' as I think you will get more engagement here.


thank you so much my friend this means a lot and your share bless you

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