Stick Up Boys Curated Music and Art Top Picks - Jan 22nd


For the last couple of months, the Stick Up Boys Curation team have been hard at work picking 5-10 music and art posts every single day. For each post we curate we:

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But we aren't stopping there - we've taken a good look at some of the posts we've curated and wanted to highlight our 5 favourite music and art posts from this week!

So - if you are into music or art - read on for our recommended reading for 22nd Jan 2022!



Pick 1 - LOFI for Studying by @brain.candy

@brain.candy is a brand new project started by @elliptique and @ravenmus1c which will be focusing on relaxation, meditation, yoga and concentration music. This post introduces their first LOFI playlist and is a full 1 hour 26 minutes long of super relaxing lofi beats. The artwork for it is also seriously cool!

Check out the full post.


Pick 2 - Living Room Songs by @mipiano

In her living room, struggling with the noise of a neighbour refurbishing, @mipiano introduces us to a whole album of beautiful music created in a living room over the course of a week. This is music with a real story and @mipiano takes us through it day by day!

Full post.

Screenshot (339).png


Pick 3 - Digital Drawing - Hidden Intensions by @brataka

@brataka wants to use art to recreate the feeling of danger sometimes felt when meeting people - and takes us through the creation of this digital artwork step by step. Some serious skill and a very thought provoking piece!

Check out the full post.


Pick 4 - I love art, but I love music too! by @kinab

In this post, @kinab talks about love for both art AND music - two of our very favourite things!

Full post.


Pick 5 - Death of my Ukulele: A Tragic Ending. Or Not? by @palimanali

A very unusual story about the death of @palimanali's Ukulelee.

We won't give away what happened, you'll have to read the full post for that but we will tease that a horse was involved!

Full post.



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Thank you so much for mentioning my new project Brain Candy!! :) I appreciate the support! Especially in the beginning, it´s not easy to get a new project running. So thanks alot for the mention! :)

Thanks also for the other projects you highlighted. I will check them out!

Your music is sooooooooo gooooooooodddddddd!

Thanks! This means alot to me!! <3

Ohh yeaaahhhh some great stuff here. Thanks for pointing it out!


Thank you for the support and the feature @stickupcurator 😇

Only a matter of time as we all know 🙂

ummm, I spotted some boost from you, so thank you 😇

and some vibes are spotted too 👏

You're welcome. The vibes are flowing and the music is playing today. Have a great one

Hey we love you! Hope you are well and it was nice to see our curator had found you as well and recognised how talented you are

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😇 💙 thanks again.
And I see, you are invited to take part in one nice challenge 😎

This is a great idea for curation. Music is life as they say and those gifs, you know I love em 😀

Sweet stuff getting this together, well done! !PIZZA and !ALIVE

@stickupcurator! You Are Alive so I just staked 0.1 $ALIVE to your account on behalf of @stickupboys. (1/10)

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Some sweet picks - love the music and art communities on hive!



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Thanks alot for picking our LoFi Playlist as your number one pick! :) We appreciate it so much!