A New Starbit Pack

in #musicforlifelast year

Today we picked up another Rising Star pack!

And WOW Some serious ramp up in income let's take a look


We picked up a rare card Bekky who has the following stats

125 fans
150 skill so it offsets our fans by 25 always a nice plus
4 Luck which I'll be honest with you I don't see the benefits of it at these higher levels if anything it's a negative now.
3 income level booster!

The other cards are meh

Brings our total stats now to...
Fans - 1931
Luck - 256
Skill - 2924
Income - 36
Total cards: 47

It was 6 days since my last post of this but I ended up delaying it by a day to pick up a pack and I have 1,000 starbits towards the next pack already. This pretty much puts us still at a 5 day turn around but hopefully we can change that to a 4 here very soon!


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