MuTerra : Introduction

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Welcome to MuTerra .... You knew it by the name - Earth, but that was before the planet's inner radiation mutated every living organism on it. 


MuTerra will be a TCG + CCG + RPG style game where you as tamers are tasked with capturing and training the mutated animals aka Mutees in order to save humanity from extinction.

MuTerra, a Play-To-earn game making use of both WAX and HIVE blockchains has now opened itself to the community. Since this is just an introductory post, we will keep it short. More information will follow soon. So do keep an eye out for our posts.


We are dropping amazing NFTs while the developers of the game : @bala41288 and @gorb work hard behind the scenes.

Have a look at what we have air-dropped so far :

Drop 1 : First 100 members of our community got the following NFT!

green elf portrait.jpg

Drop 2 : First 250 members of our community got the following NFT!

Snow Expedition Final.jpg

Drop 3 : It will happen as soon as we touch 500 members!

So what are you waiting for?
Join us on our Discord and Telegram and drop your WAX address and we will send out the NFTs to you!

To find out more about the project, follow us on :
MuTerra Twitter
MuTerra : Telegram
MuTerra : Discord
MuTerra : Instagram

Special Thanks to @trumpman and @palikari123 for your love and support!

P.S. Since you are still reading the post, here's a secret : The Rumored Tamer Auction will be happening on 24th April! And with that we will launch our website.


So cool to see the introductory post, announcing the arrival of this upcoming blockchain game - MuTerra! You guys have assembled a great team, and done a great job so far in engaging with both the hive and gaming communities in general on discord, telegram and twitter. Your NFT drops have been fantastic! They have already been super popular with both collectors and traders on the WAX marketplace, at this very early stage of development.

I wish the entire team all the best with the development and launch of your website, your upcoming tamer auction, and most of all, a successful launch of MuTerra!!!

Thank you so much! ♥️

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Thanks a lot! ♥️

its looks great, its good to see the hive is growing and its really great.

Yes! HIVE is growing at a tremendous rate and we hope to do our part towards its success!

Indeed you are doing great , There are many gamers here as you all well aware of that off course this is help to invite more users to hive platform this is really great


!giphy great work

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Found out about this from @niallon11
Good Luck Guys 😊