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This post gives an overview of how MuTerra's economy will work. We have tried to keep things simple in this post to avoid any kind information overload.

Happy Reading!



  • MUT or Mutee Utility Token is the in-game currency of MuTerra.

  • Its a HIVE based Token that can be found on HIVE Engine or Tribaldex.

  • MUT supply will start with alpha launch.

How to earn MUT? What are the various MUT sinks? Keep reading to find out more.



The 3 most common ways to earn MUT would be to :

  1. kill or capture mutees while playing the RPG part of MuTerra

  2. gather raw materials while playing the RPG part of MuTerra

  3. win in PVP matches while playing the TCG part of MuTerra

Monsters in MuTerra are in actuality mutated animals aka Mutees. You can choose to either kill them or capture them. Capturing a mutee gives you a level 1 card NFT of that mutee which can then be used by you in the game.

Catching a Mutee and then Burning it

The following table gives you the burn value of Level 1 mutees, in case you decide to burn the NFT :


Edit : The values have been changed (increased). Refer to the latest Post.

  • "Limited" mutee NFTs are those NFTs that can only be obtained through events and sales made by MuTerra.

  • "Wild" mutee NFTs can be obtained by playing the game and capturing mutees.

  • Gold mutees have 10% better stats and 10 times more burn value compared to its regular counterpart.

NOTE : Last chance to collect these Limited Edition mutees will be on 4th March 13:00 GMT. That's when MuTerra will be selling 5,000 MALDIVES packs on WAX chain.

Killing a Mutee

Instead of capturing a mutee, if you decide to kill it, the mutee will drop MUT.

  • The amount of MUT that a mutee will drop depends on :

    • Level Difference between your mutee and enemy mutee
    • Rarity Difference between your mutee and enemy mutee

Gathering Raw Materials

There will be a lot of raw materials by beta release that can be categorized into Minerals, Plants and Mutee parts. Raw materials can be exchanged for MUT.
These raw materials will be needed to craft equipment, potions and more.

Winning in PvP Match

  • The amount of MUT you receive per win will depend on your league and number of players playing.

  • There is a stamina bar which will keep going down per match.

Since we will be releasing PvE (RPG) part of the game first, this section will be covered in detail later.



MUT sinks are basically transactions where MUT is sent to NULL. There will be many MUT sinks in place in the Alpha release and more will be added during Beta. Here are a few of them :

Burning Leveled Up Mutees

You'll require MUT to level up mutees. But you won't get back the exact amount of MUT that you fed your mutee when you burn it. The amount of MUT you'll get back on burning your leveled up mutee is based on the following table :


So for instance, If you feed 100 MUT to a level 1 mutee having base burn value (level 1 value) of 500, the total burn value rises to 600. But, when you burn this mutee, you'll get back 500+50 MUT if its a Wild Regular Foiled mutee.

  • Only Gold Foil Limited Edition Mutees give back 100% of MUT when burnt.

Burning Crafted Items

A specific amount of very specific raw materials when combined will give you an NFT which could be an equipment, cage, potion, etc depending upon what recipe you followed.

The sum of the burn values of the raw materials used to craft these items will then become the burn value of these NFTs. But when burnt, you get back MUT based on the following table :


So for instance, if 10 common minerals (burn value of 1 MUT) were used to craft a common helmet, you will receive 5 MUT upon burning it.

Crate Purchases from Tier 6

After Tier 5 gets sold out, we will start accepting MUT as payment for crates. MUT used to buy crates will be sent to NULL.

What are these Tiers? Keep reading to find out..



We have a few things in place to control reward output rates of bots in particular and all players in general.

  1. Stamina : With every battle and exploration, stamina of both tamers and mutees go down. There is a default regeneration rate which can be boosted by paying MUT in Hospitals (Another sink)
    Note : Community can vote on Hospital charges.

  2. Cages : You cannot capture a mutee without crafting cages.

  3. Carrying Capacity : Tamers and mutees will have default carrying capacities which can be increased by crafting equipment like backpack, pouch, etc.

  4. Encounter Chance : Encountering a mutee or raw material will be inversely proportional to its rarity. Also, in-game events and quests will point you towards locations where legendary and mythical items could be found. This will work in favor of human players.



While playing MuTerra, you'll collect minerals and plants. In addition to that you'll fight wild mutees that will also drop items. All these things will act as raw materials which will ultimately be used to give you MUT and NFTs!

Minerals and Plants will both come in 6 rarities : Mythical, Legendary, Epic, Rare, Uncommon and Common.
These raw materials would go into crafting wearables like Body Armor, Helmet, Back pack, etc. Also, these raw materials would be required for brewing consumables like Luck potion, Health potion and more. Not only this, a specified quantity of these raw materials could be directly converted into MUT.

CRATES will contain all these Raw Materials!

CRATE price will start from 1$ and will increase by 1$ whenever 100K crates are sold.


  1. There will be a total of 1M crates divided equally into 10 tiers.
  2. Each Tier will have 100,000 crates.
  3. Whenever a particular tier gets sold out, players who participated in that tier will get items airdropped in their accounts.
  4. After Tier 5 is sold out, you'll be able to purchase crates using MUT too.
  5. After tier 10 is sold out, a special item will be airdropped - GOLDEN LEAF

Golden Leaf can turn any regular foil mutee NFT into gold foil.

You'll be able to buy these crates very soon. But opening will come later while we create the artwork and names of all 250 crate items. Till then you'll be able to stake these crates and earn rewards!



  1. MuTerra Discord game : Every point you earn in the discord game we host on our server gives you MUT.

  2. Season End Rewards : We will reward our players each season with items voted upon by community members.

  3. Tournaments : Regular tournaments will be held and winners will be awarded prizes which can again be voted by community members.

  4. Leaderboard Rewards : Top players of each season will be rewarded with MUT.




The last 5,000 MALDIVES packs will be sold on 4th March 2022! So get your WAX accounts set up and keep your WAXP ready because MuTerra's WAX Sale is here!

In our Last Post we put up 4,000 MALDIVES packs for Pre Booking which got over booked!
More than 4000 packs were booked within 24 hours of the announcement!

(We have already sent back the amount to those who paid after all the packs got booked).

Thank you everyone for the love you have shown towards the project. We are truly humbled by your support.

To get whitelisted for the sale, make sure you have at least 1 MuTerra Promo NFT in your wax wallet. You can buy promo NFT of our collection on Atomic Hub. These NFTs will have in-game utility!

For those who don't know, there are only 20,000 MALDIVES PACKS. MALDIVES Packs are the first pack edition of MuTerra, aka, Alpha Pack. We sold 10,000 packs in September. 1,000 packs were kept for promotions and rewards. 4,000 packs were pre-booked before the second sale started. The remaining 5,000 packs will be up for sale on WAX chain on 4th March 2022.



The following NFT is given to winners of various events we hold on our various social media channels :

This NFT can also be sent to HIVE later because now it has in-game utility! This NFT increases your chances of encountering higher rarity mutees and raw materials. In addition to that, mutee item drop chances will be increased too!

You can buy this NFT on Atomic Hub or take part in our events which we keep hosting from time to time. Remember, only 200 of these lucky charms exist!

In our last development post, we asked you to give a name to our legendary mutee. We received a lot of entries making it hard for us to choose a winner. So, we went with the simplest name. Reason being that in the story, kids have survived the radiation and are responsible for naming all the new mutated creatures they see.

Winning Entry : Magmilla (Magma Gorilla)
Winner : @horstman5
Prize : 1 Lucky Charm NFT!



Home Page.png

MuTerra is set in a post-apocalyptic world where radiation has killed almost all of humanity and has mutated plants and animals. You, the survivors, are tasked with ensuring that humanity doesn't go extinct by exploring the wild, capturing the mutated animals and taming them.

MuTerra is TCG+RPG game which will be on HIVE blockchain. But the assets will be available on both WAX and HIVE. WAX side will be used to breed and blend mutees (mutated animals). And the new NFT created on WAX can be sent over to HIVE chain.

The RPG aspect will deal with explorations, raids, quests and more.
The TCG aspect will deal with PvE and PvP battles, where you collect NFTs and fight each other to prove you are the better tamer.

Visit our Website :

Join us on :

Follow us on :


I'm so excited to play this game! Cannot wait.

Yo, yet another game. Cool.

But there are none sold yet? So '#wen' can we buy?


You can read about our Pack sale here :

Our first sale held in September 2021 got sold out within 2.5 hours.
2 weeks back we initiated pre-booking of our packs which got overbooked.

And now the last sale will be on sale on 4th March where you'll be able to buy MALDIVES packs.

Only I have launched on the market! AHAH

I'm getting hyped now. :D

Let Me In! 😀

This is going to be fun, I'm really looking forward to this game.

This is so exciting! Crossing my fingers that on the 4th I get to buy packs!

Thanks so much! !LUV

@horstman5(1/1) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

Given the current emission rate of LUV pushing 500/day, increases to required LUV levels will likely be forthcoming.

Awesome update, so cool to see how MUT will work in this game!!



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