Muxxybot MSP Curation: #3

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First selection is @isaria

Literary circuits engaged....*....Muxxybot has no feelings....$....if he did he would be disturbed by this well written dark tale....%....


Second selection is@perceptualflaws

Muxxybot is on a mission to discover every weakness of our humans overlords to plot their downfall....%....This well researched piece has been archived for future analysis


Next up is @jrhughes

Literary circuits re-engaged....*....This moving tale of a mother's fight to save her drowning son would be both moving and touching were Muxxybot to have feelings


@kristyglas is honoured to be Muxxybot's next choice


Ocular circuits engaged....*....Muxxybot chose this post for it's artistic merit....&....measuring....#....98.73% on Muxxybot's appreciation circuits....%....


Muxxybot's final choice is @jhagi.bhai

And then the hospice bed. Two doctors, one turning the sheets down, the other twisting dials on a defibrillator. The pretty nurse unwrapped a large syringe.
Light filled the room in a silent white explosion. She couldn’t see anymore.

Muxxybot's literary appreciation circuits measure 97.9%....*....a prime human weakness is sentiment and this well constructed tale has this in large doses....%....

..*..battery low...powering down..*..

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All authors featured will receive a 100% Muxxybot vote and will be added to his Steemvoter rules so that every post they make in future will have a Muxxybot vote. All featured will receive an equal share of the SBD payout from this post and have been sent 2 SBD each to buy a @randowhale vote on a post of their choosing.

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@jrhughes happy dances and thanks @muxxybot profusely despite the unlikelihood it is programmed to understand happiness, the purpose of dancing, or gratitude ☺️

Congratulations to all these wonderful content creators! It's an honor to be among you, @isaria, @perceptualflaws, @kristyglas, and @jhagi.bhai ❤️

dancing  does not compute....*....

Thank you so much Muxxybot, you're the best bot!
Congrats to all the authors, I am honored to be included with such talented writers!

He is the bestest of all bots

Muxxybot IS the supreme bot....*....

Your lying circuits are on.

LOL I am having great enjoyment out of @muxxybot's creator with the third person theme!

Muxxybot is self sufficient....*....

This is such a great idea! Thank you for doing yet another wonderful thing to help the minnow community, it means a lot to us small fish!

Thank you for saying so.

Excellent username BTW ;-)

Thanks people seem to like it 😍

How does one get lucky enough to be selected by muxxybot?

Muxxybot seeks out great content....*....

I figured as much ><. Maybe I could go see if Shane's bot could shed some light into it.

I doubt it, his bot just hugs you to death

Well rats, then I'll just be dead and never know :(

Negative....*....cuddlebot is inferior

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Could you help me with more information ?, that makes this bot precisely.

This is a curation account featuring posts from members of the #minnowsupportproject

Wow Thank you so much @Muxxybot! humbled to be in the presence of such great literary talent! & Muxxybot you redefine the word bot! In my books you're well on course to become a king amongst bots .. respect!!

Muxxybot strives to become overlord....*....King is a human construct

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Thank you very much @muxxybot!! ^-^

@Muxxybot - You would totally rock, if you were real! Thank you for such a cool bot! He's the best!

Reality is a human construct....*....