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Good day Friends it's your favorite girl @preciousbea
Welcome to my blog today
In my today's entry I will like to share with everyone reading about my city (ASABA ) where I currently lived, how I get to the city, how long I have lived in the city and what I have achieved in the city


Here in Africa we all came out from different villages or hometown depending on how some people call theirs'.
In my own Case I will call it "hometown"
My home town is umunede in ika-north east local government Area of Delta State Nigeria in Africa.
I left my home town year 2012 @age13 I can still remember how little I was back then....... Though before then my elder brother who lives in Asaba, Asaba is the capital territory of Delta State usually comes home with his family every Christmas time to share the goodness of Asaba, being a child after much narration from my elder brother about Asaba all my dream became how to live in Asaba one day.

God so kind after my junior second school certificate examination year 2021 I was privileged to travel to Asaba to spend my holidays.
I stayed there for months and fall in love with the place and never wish to return to my home town........!


But it was never easy for me as a little girl to stay with my brothers family due to the situation of things in his home
Fortunately for me after much fight and quarry between my brother and his wife, I was allowed to live with them.

I continued my senior secondary school education in year 2013 which took me two years, 2015 I wrote my secondary school certificate examination and signed out from anything relating to secondary school. 😆


To further with my dream I ventured into acquiring a skill which was baking of🍰 cake's and lots.
It was never easy for me to cope leaving with my brothers family and going to serve in my place of apprenticeship daily........the house became uncomfortable for me I have to go leave with my co-apprenticeship.

The blessed journey started immediately after my apprenticeship while still leaving with a friend, contracts for cake baking, meetpie and zobo drinks was all coming from all angle within a short period of time I was able to gather reasonable amount of money then moved out from my friend's apartment I rented my own.


To me I will say asaba is really a city of open doors to me.

It was just three months after I left my friend's house.......!
I was able to open my own shop a mini fast food where I sell fried noodles, toast bread with fried egg, fried Chicken and plastic soft drinks at night 🌃
The business was really moving and growing fast, while in my shop i could recieve favour from my customers.......the Favour keeps come untill I got the one that I was shocked at.
It was just like yesterday on that faithful day that a customer drove in to my shop he parked his car, indeed that was the day I met me destiny helper..... I was thinking he is one of my top customers but he was a Destiny helper, the only thing he was interested to know about me was why I was doing such business instead of being in school.

He waited for me to finish with the day's business so we could have a comfortable moment to talk.
After the the long conversation I was shocked at what he did he requested for my Bank account details and transferred a huge amount of money, and said to me that he have been coming around for days just to monitor me and with the things I told him that is better for me to further my education so I can acquire more knowledge in my business area then he left.


After the visit of my destiny helper I utilize the opportunity of going back to further my education..........I enrolled for joint Addmision and matriculation board (JAMB) examination of which I came out in a flying color, I also enrolled for Post Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (POSTUTME)
And finally year 2019 I gained Addmision in higher institution, that was really another open doors for me in the same land of Asaba, I ran my two years program completely and God was really faithful I never ran out of money to fit my school bills or anything within the period I was in school.



Immediately after my two year program which ended just a month ago, I got a call from an entertainment in Asaba company to partner with them........!
Though my field was not in anyway related to Entertainment but I pick up the courage to join because I believe something good is going to come out from it.


I'm indeed the one whom God has blessed and helped in the city of Asaba Delta State Nigeria.
Asaba is a blessed land and I will love to see my ladiesofhive here on a good day of which I believe too well is a place you will come and never like to go back.
I will also love to invite anyone whom may be interested to participate in our up coming festival "Asaba food and music festival" which is being organized my BLOCK7 ENTERTAINMENT the entertainment company am currently working with.
I will make an entry about that soonest!

   I deeply appreciate you all for making out time to read my long write up best regards from @preciousbae😘

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Thank you for choosing my post I must hourned.....!
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