Hi @edje, Orion is also known as Juska Wendland. A Finnish techno producer owner of Absence Of Facts Records.

He recently released two consecutive EPs on my label Different Is Different Records, here I link them if you fancy a listen (sorry for the shameless techno promotion)

I believe the label you refer to has nothing to do with the producer.


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Inn my research I came across Orion from Finland but I was not able to find a link between this Finnish Orion and the Orion I posted the podcast of who suppose to have an Italian Record label. My thoughts: these two Orion's are not the same. All the resources I link in my post, treat the Orion I posted about completely decoupled from the Finnish Orion.

Music you've included sounds pretty good! But totally different vibe to the Orion set published by Smoke Machine. Cool you release such kinda techno!

My apologies, and thanks for the nice words. if you like to get the promos, just let me know

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No worries :) I'm not an artist, DJ or whatever, so can't do much with promo's. Thanks for offering though!

Enjoying Smoke Machine vibes, perfect for me to listen in this hot weather. Refreshing (:

Yeah, this one is indeed super to enjoy with the sun high in the sky! njoy :)