Https And MyTrafficNetwork Part 1 of 3

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Your Ads WILL Be Displayed!
(About Https, Part 1 of 3)

Important security updates on several major web browsers have changed the way affiliates will advertise online.

  • Unsecured websites are having challenges displaying on secure websites.
  • Link cloaking is basically a thing of the past for unsecure sites.
  • And a new cookie security standard may affect your commissions!

MyTrafficNetwork has your back!

First of all…

MyTrafficNetwork is a fully secure (https) website.
Any personal information you share is encrypted and cannot be seen. Click on the 'lock' icon in the address bar on your web browser to confirm :)
We are also GDPR compliant and verified. Your information will not be shared. Click on the privacy icon in the lower left corner for details.

Bottom line…
The web browsers of the world will trust us :)

The unsecured sites being advertised on secure sites may not be displayed!


TrafficAdBar, EasyHits4U, InfinityTrafficBoost, and LeadLeap are all great examples of fully secure sites on which you may have seen a lot of blank pages.

Owners are adapting, but affiliates will also have to do so.

LeadsLeap recently published an excellent primer on the matter:

Here's how MyTrafficNetwork CAN ensure that your unsecure links WILL be seen on our website:

MTN has programmed ALL of it's banner, text, surf, and solo ad frames to display unsecure websites!

  • This includes the frame breaker test when submitting new ads so you know your links are getting seen.
  • Url and banner links are also checked against a spam and malware database.
  • And banner images are checked for proper sizing.


As online online marketer, you'll want to do two essential things when advertising your http links on https sites:

  1. Stop cloaking your unsecure links! Use redirect tracking only. Better yet, just use the affiliate link directly.

  2. Reach out to site owners and ask them to go https, and to update their cookie security settings. This is the best, long-term solution :)

Chat soon,
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Thanks for the tips. I use hits connect trackers and the affiliate links are secure. It would be great if sites could have a better way of getting rid of framebreakers in traffic exchanges. Some of them are really relentless.

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