Two New Splash Pages At MyTrafficNetwork

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Two new promotional splash pages have been added to the MyTrafficNetwork affiliate tools!
These replace two of the generic pages that originally came with the site.

To view an example, go here:

Did you know we have a Super Splash?
Rotate all MTN splash pages with a single link!
(Replace username with yours.)

Stay tuned…
More splash pages will be added soon!

A big thank you to member Christine Roux for inspiring the 'Take Off' splash!
Chris is MyTrafficNetwork's top affiliate with over 92 referrals in just a few months.

You can follow and connect with Chris on both CashJuice and Webtalk:

Happy promoting,
Owner, MyTrafficNetwork

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Well done Chris for getting 92 referrals, and nice splash Michael, just one thing to boost confidence in any person seeing them, add name and picture of the affiliate promoting it.