Nanocurrency on Ledger Nano S hardware-wallet

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Hi all,

Today some amazing progress was made for securing your Nano(currency) on your Nano S (Ledger's hardware wallet).

Here you can see the first 1.0.0 official app to be installed on the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet, which keeps your private key away from the internet. 🔒


It really is some sort of inception where you can send nano from your Nano 🃡 while holding nano on your Nano.
I've used the online wallet service to make a new wallet which is secured by confirmations and a signature on the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet. This is the preferred way to store your cryptographic keys that allow access to your savings or cryptoassets.

2018-06-12 03.26.24.jpg

I've tested the service by sending a few Nano's back and forth from my own nano-node/wallet and it worked flawlessly.
What I liked about the nanovault service is that I could add my own nano-node address as trusted representative, which is always online and will validate transactions quickly.


Hopefully this guide will not get you stuck in dreams inside dreams,