Exciting annual Natural Products Expo East tradeshow – what’s new, healthy and natural

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Well, what a week. We're here at the Natural Products Expo East. The passion, excitement and innovation never fails to disappoint. Produced by New Hope Media, the long-running event covers healthy lifestyle targeted foods, beverages, supplements, personal care and lifestyle products.


Of particular interest is the new product zone and hot products zone where the breakthrough companies and innovation that will change behaviours can be found on most any aisle.


The event is a business-to-business event and the real target audience are retailers across North America – these companies are trying to entice the retailers to put their products on store shelves.

Walking the aisles are mom and pop health foods stores, supernaturals like Whole Foods (owned by Amazon), nutrition-focused retailers like GNC, speciality and grocery stores like Kroeger and Wegmans, and the big boys – Target and Walmart. Obviously, these retailers are at a different point in their healthy lifestyle offerings but one thing is certain – you see these things first at Natural Products Expo.

Follow us for a summary of Natural Products Expo East. The show is wrapping up and everyone is getting ready to head out. Stay tuned for more information on the new product and insights on upcoming innovations. It's an exciting time in the Natural Products industry.

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