Kybalion Study and Practice

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I am doing a weekly Kybalion Study... Intro and Chapter 1

Here's the 2nd Video - Chapter 2, Part 1 - assignment - begin a simple meditation practice

Let's study the Kyablion together and see if we can begin to make use of it. Daily practice will be required.

I am not a pro at this. I have been living by Natural Law for over 30 years, and am a very good manifester - I am interested in exploring this because I want to be able to increase my manifestation powers to include the Earth and things that are untenable to me that are going on - of which I seem to have no power over. I want to extend my ability to manifest not just for personal gain but for the Spiritual War in which we find ourselves.

I want to share this information for others who may feel powerless or wish to increase their power.