The Kybalion: Study and Practice, Chapter 2; Part 1-2 - Mentalism....Correspondence

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Here I went back to discuss my personal point of view, why I am doing this at all, and I talk about the importance of taking our minds back through meditation, visualization, imagination. Many resources are given in the description.

I am beginning to talk about the Principle of Correspondence- As above, so below; As within, so without... I will likely revisit this last week because I did not have that many examples to share.

The idea about the Law of Correspondence is that if I act in the microcosm it will reflect in the macrocosm. As one individual, I have the power to bring about change through these types of actions. I don't need a whole crowd with me.

And this is very hopeful since the globalists have systematically destroyed community by providing a false community online.

I don't mean to denegrade the online community, however, when we are this far down the road, where we cannot get along in person because of petty differences, that we can only be friends online - they are winning.

But we have to pick up the pieces and do the best we can for future generations... therefore making a conscious use of these principles in our daily lives is what it's all about...

I reap what I sow, is the Law of Correspondence - in that I sow in the microcosm and it is reflected back to me by the macrocosm.

Also, pointing the finger at others and 3 fingers point back at me, reminds me of As within; So without - I work upon myself and it is reflected in my macrocosm.

This is only the beginning of the Kybalion - a short visit into the principles which will be expounded upon later.