Monday Motivation


Wow this has been smacking me in the face lately. So I though Mr Prosperity Turtle and quartz could help amplify this today as we begin the week. Powerful astrological shifts with the new moon last week and Equinox.

Here is CO, it was like Summmer Saturday and now we are sitting on about a foot of snow.


Have to love the polarity of it all. Such as life. I began a Shaman Class this weekend to study Cuaranderismo. Mexican Folk Healing that feels so intuitive to me on a deep level. This year long class is a gift to myself in world where I give to others most of the time.

I hope to share my journey wit all of you, and learn from all of you amazing humans.


So for now I leave you with this.


Mindfulness begins with one moment,one second of awareness, and it could be the beginning of the rest of your life 💜🙌💕