Clearing The Tracks To Your Healing Success

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When you are attempting to heal yourself of physical or psychological symptoms, you will at some point come to the understanding that you need to identify their root cause.

This is an important step.

Different modalities and approaches identify different root causes. As (very simplified) examples:

Allopathic approach – the symptom is caused by a microbe or a malfunction of an individual body tissue/brain function

Nutritional approach – the symptom is caused by a lack of {specific nutrient, gut flora} or by another symptom such as a leaky gut

Holistic/mindset approach – the symptom is caused by something bad happening in your life etc.

These approaches and others often have merit. However, In each of these cases, there is still a perception that something has “gone wrong” in the body.

In Meta-Consciousness (founded on the principles of German New Medicine), we see that the body and brain haven’t malfunctioned in any way.

Rather, that symptoms are an intelligent evolutionary adaptation by the specific body tissues and brain, in order to survive and then thrive following certain shocking, traumatic events or life circumstances.

Some examples are:

  • Eczema following a separation conflict
  • Back pain following a self-devaluation conflict
  • Anxiety following conflicts related to fear/uncertainty about the future and a sense of powerlessness
  • Gut issues following an indigestible anger conflict

Each symptom has within it the knowledge of how to identify the root cause theme and events, as well as resolve them and move forwards into a more aligned life.

With this knowledge, you can then become excited and inspired to realise the root cause and, once you find it, it can feel great to finally get why you have developed your specific symptoms.

Often, some healing occurs at this stage.

However, you can get so obsessed with “finding the root cause” and resolving it, and then frustrated that it hasn’t caused your symptoms to resolve, that you can miss the next incredibly important stage.

This is exploring and releasing the subconscious triggers that have developed throughout your life, known as TRACKS.

These tracks were created (or in some cases strongly reinforced) at the time that you experienced the initial root-cause conflict shock.

In that moment where you froze, feeling isolated and without a strategy to deal with the situation, your subconscious mind took a snap-shot of all of the sensory information related to this dangerous time.

If your teacher was wearing a red tie when they gave you the F grade on your homework, the colour red might become tied to the shock and panic you felt…

If you had eaten a sandwich before the bully punched you and stole your lunch money, the gluten in your system might become connected to the indigestible anger that you felt…

If there was pollen in the air when your beloved grandmother died, which you experienced as a separation conflict, it might become connected to the rash you developed in response…

Any sounds, scents, sights, tastes and even your thoughts and feelings in that moment could now be laid down as tracks which are then perceived as dangerous to your subconscious mind.

We use the acronym VAKOGS to describe these triggers:

Visual (Anything seen)

Auditory (Anything heard)

Kinesthetic (Anything touched, felt or to do with movement)

Olfactory (Anything smelt)

Gustatory (Anything tasted)

Self-talk (Thoughts and beliefs)

Places, people or animals, scents, expressions and so on that were originally involved or remind you of that moment (consciously or unconsciously) become triggers.

Bio-logically, these tracks function as warning signals, to avoid the same conflict occurring.

In nature, this would have enabled us to avoid dangerous situations. However, in our modern, domesticated lives, these solutions can become problems.

For example, your boss walking into the room causing you to feel the same sense of dread that you felt when you saw the bully, teacher or angry dad coming in at age 6.

These tracks can become reinforced over time, as each time they are experienced and the symptom re-triggered, the association becomes stronger.

Therefore, in chronic, or recurring conditions, it is essential to identify and make conscious the tracks.

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.10.47.png
Above is a Chronic Healing Process being re-triggered by TRACKS over time

If your body is attempting to heal (in the parasympathetic, restoration phase) and a track is triggered, it can cause you to experience the symptoms all over again. A bit like pulling a scab off a cut that is in the process of healing.

Further tracks can even be laid down on top of the original track. For example, if there is a pollen in the air that related to an original conflict and then there are also additional pollens at the same time, they might become related. Or if you had drunk milk just before the pollen entered your system, milk might also become an allergen to you.

So, with this knowledge, how can you resolve the effect of tracks on your health and your life?

Screenshot 2022-07-26 at 14.16.44.png

The first stage is awareness. Initially, you can make a list of everything that you consciously know triggers your symptoms, looking at all of the potential VAKOGS aspects.

You can then explore the feelings, thoughts and beliefs that arise when you connect to each trigger, using EFT or similar techniques. This could yield some good results, especially if the symptoms began recently.

As with all EFT work, please note that exploring your tracks can involve experiencing very strong emotions, so if you are new to this or unsure whether to proceed, it is a good idea to speak to an experienced practitioner.

If the symptoms have been going on for a while or are recurring or chronic in nature, the above process will still help. For a more comprehensive solution, you are likely to need to understand the root-cause and then identify the tracks from that perspective through connecting with your subconscious mind and inner child (ECHO’s)

In this case, you will benefit from guidance and I would be delighted to support you with this. I use EFT, Matrix Reimprinting and other mind body techniques, along with specific questioning from Meta-Consciousness, so that you can identify the root cause and then explore the tracks efficiently and accurately. If possible, I also offer guidance on making real lifestyle changes that can enable resolutions to happen naturally.

If you are ready to reduce or even resolve your physical and psychological symptoms, book a free Conscious Discovery Call with me, where we can spend 30 minutes giving you some initial insights and determining whether we are a good fit to work together.

Every track made conscious and resolved, clears your path towards healing your symptoms and living with more awareness and alignment.

I am currently creating a Self-healing resource of a workbook and processes for you to use to explore and clear your tracks. If you would like to know when it’s available, you can pre-register here.


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