How I Healed My Eyesight with Meta-Consciousness and Magic Mushrooms! (Written Version)

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I’m really excited to share how I healed my eyesight using Meta-Consciousness and Magic Mushrooms, as well as EFT and tapping techniques.

This article is transcribed from the attached video and contains the same information.

I’m Sam Neffendorf. I guide people with chronic health conditions to heal themselves by understanding the root cause of their symptoms and realising the choices that they have to resolve them and create a more aligned life.

I’ve also co-hosted several plant medicine retreats where I was focused on the integration of the medicine journeys.

I’m really excited to share this healing story with you.

Firstly because I healed MY OWN EYES from a supposedly irreversible condition!

And secondly, because it shows how the knowledge from German New Medicine about the root cause of symptoms is really useful when you are trying to heal yourself using psychedelic plant medicines.

I just want to say, I’m not suggesting that you should take psychedelics of any kind. It’s a personal decision that I’ve made, and I neither recommend or condemn anyone using them.

Do your own research and make your own mind up whether it’s right for you.

I’m also not making any medical claims. I’m just sharing my experience.

So, with that in mind, here’s my healing story.

I’ve always been very appreciative of having perfect vision.

But about a year ago, I noticed I couldn’t read labels on packaging in the shop –

I put it down to getting old, falling for my conditioning, without really thinking about it.

About 6 months after, I realised in bed that I couldn’t read a book without stretching my arm right out.

So I decided to do something about it and. Like a plumber with a leaking tap, I finally got round to looking into the German New Medicine theme for long sightedness.

If you’ve never heard of German New Medicine, briefly it’s the awareness that all symptoms, whether physical or psychological are intelligent biological adaptations by the body, rather than a sign of something going wrong.

They can be traced back to specific traumatic events and patterns in your life. Through realising this, you can resolve your symptoms and move forwards into a more aligned life.

Each body tissue has a specific meaning.

The eyes are actually quite complex and there are a few different tissues that can be involved in the symptom of long sightedness.

The first is the striated cilliary muscles, which are the muscles that change the shape of the lens to enable you to see near and far.

The biological conflict linked to the striated ciliary muscles is about seeing into the distance, for example,“not being able to see what is in the distance” or “not being allowed to see what is far away” but also “not wanting to see what is in the distance” (a person who is leaving).

The next is the Lens.

This relates to what’s known as a visual separation conflict of having lost sight of someone. For example, of a loved one who has moved away, left, or has died.

It can also relate to not being allowed to see someone close, such as a grandchild, a lover, or a close friend.

Or not wanting to see someone, wanting them to get out of your sight!

The third is the Retina.

The biological conflict linked to the retina relates to a “fear in the neck” that cannot be shaken off or a fear of being attacked from behind.

Initially, the one about not being able to see into the distance really struck me. I started thinking about how I was spending a lot of time focused on the future rather than really enjoying the now.

A few days later, my wife Star and I had a day together planned. We were going to take Psilocybe Bohemia mushrooms that had been picked wild in the Czech forest.

We were really looking forward to taking this day just for ourselves. To switch off from the world and just connect within and with each other.

And, we had an incredible time

These shrooms were incredibly strong. I had been warned but, even so, they really kicked!

After an incredibly strong start which left me reeling for a bit and with some initial anxiety, I got into the groove and we had the most beautiful and connecting time together.

It was full of beautiful insights, deep intimacy and connection. Both with each other and at some points, to what felt like the essence of pure love at the source of everything.

This isn’t going to be a long, detailed trip report, but I do want to focus on one thing in particular.

In fact, focus is the word. About 4 hours or so in, slightly over the peak but still well in the zone, I was sat with my eyes closed and was watching closed eye visuals.

For a while these were blurry and then I heard a voice in my head saying “coming into focus now”.

Then the visuals went crystal sharp.

We had lost sight of each other. This time together was a catalyst for our relationship (a most important thing) to become front and centre, rather that being sidelined by the other parts of our lives.

This beautiful day, connecting with Star and myself, brought me into the present moment with a new focus on important parts of my life.

After this, I found that my eyesight had greatly improved. Over the next few months, I had the symptoms of the restoration or healing phase. This manifested as my eyes sometimes being slower to focus and my vision going blurry.

For a time, this concerned me a bit, but I then realised that this is a symptom of the lens in restoration phase.

So I worked on my fears around this using EFT and again, this has now almost resolved. I can comfortably say that my vision is about 90% healed from where it was.

I’m really excited about this.

I’m also aware that it means there are still some triggers holding it in place, so the inquiry continues.

This wasn’t the only healing process that I’ve been through this year. I am also in a deep process relating to a combination of breathing issues and acid reflux.

Again, I’m greatly benefitting from the understandings from Meta-Consciousness and GNM along with a psychedelic plant medicine.

I’ll share that journey soon.

Feel free to get in touch if you are endeavouring to heal yourself, whether with or without plant medicines.

You can book a free conscious discovery call with me here.

You can find out more about Meta-Consciousness and how it can support you in your healing journey here.

Wishing you health, abundance and freedom.


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