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Most humans were living in a state of fear and worry, even before Covid, as they were dealing with unresolved trauma.

People in this hyper-vigilant state are always looking for the next bad thing to happen. Especially, if it confirms the beliefs formed or reinforced during previous traumatic events.

For example:

“The world is a dangerous place”

“I have to please others/do what I’m told to be safe”

“I’m powerless and I need others to look after me”

And, the ever-present media bombardment feeds these fear-based beliefs, which maintains their narrative, effectively using trauma based mind control to keep people playing small and fulfilling their template for reality.

This leads to inversions of reality, such as seeing dangerous situations as safe and seeing safe situations as dangerous!

However, rather than being a hopeless situation, this actually gives us great power to affect change in the world.

By carrying out the inner work of exploring, understanding and resolving the impact of trauma in our lives, we can break free from the trances that we’ve spent our lives in and uncover new possibilities.

When your subconscious, automatic programmes become aligned with what you consciously want to create in your life, it is much more likely to happen.

And this applies at an individual and collective level.

There is a perception that healing from trauma and its effects on your life is a difficult and uncomfortable process. And this can stop you from even beginning, as it just seems easier to stay in an ever-shrinking comfort zone.

This doesn’t have to be the case. While there is effort required, there are now ways to resolve deeply embedded trauma with fun, lightness and humour.

Here are some beautiful words from a recent client that I worked with to heal emotional pain and trauma that had affected her entire life:

“I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from my EFT sessions I just knew I had a deep calling to try and I am so very grateful that I did and even more grateful than I chose Sam to guide me on that journey.

I was amazed by the depth of layers I was able to access through tapping and visualisation, something I don’t always find easy but with Sam’s gentle guidance I felt comfortable enough to really let myself go. He has a great natural sense of intuition which meant our sessions flowed perfectly and I had complete trust in Sam that the medicine I truly needed, not what I thought I needed would come through.

This is deep and powerful work and I encourage anyone who is curious to jump straight in. You will be held in a beautiful and relaxed space and even when things get heavy Sam brings a wonderful lightness and sense of humour proving that deep emotional healing doesn’t need to be all dark and serious.

I’m looking forward to the spiral continuing and thanks to Sam now having a practical tool that I can use myself in everyday life with very little effort. Thank you.”

This isn’t about denying or bypassing the deep layers of trauma and shadow work. It’s about fully acknowledging and, even often finding the gifts, within the darkness, enabling you to develop:

  • Improved relationships with yourself and others
  • Better health, including self-healing from physical and psychological illness
  • Alignment and ability to take action create a thriving and wealthy life that you love

And, all of this can bring great benefits above and beyond just you, of course.

Living in a way that’s true to you can have a ripple effect, positively affecting those around you. As well as the physical benefits of your actions, we are all connected and your positive resonance can be contagious!

If you are ready to change something (or everything) in your life, I am currently opening up some space for free Conscious Discovery Calls where we can spend 30 minutes or so getting clear on what’s blocking you in your life and develop a plan to resolve it. You can book one of these calls with me at https://calendly.com/sam-neffendorf/discover-mh



Such a wonderful service you are providing Sam, don't forget to use the naturalmedicine tag as well xxxxx

Thankyou Aishlinn. I thought I did?

great positive information, redefining our own consciousness to heal the world, a beautiful path. thank you

You speak truth. People need more time to make sure they put themselves in a better place. Though, I'm not certain we can help it. I know I can't.

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You can, even if it begins with a single tiny action.

Very true words. Thank you.

My Cambodian wife has inherited PTSD from her mother, who survived the Khmer Rouge genocide and gave birth to her in a Thai Refugee Camp. I never believed trauma could be handed down, but scientific studies have been done in Cambodia, and PTSD can be passed on to even more than one generation, especially if it is never processed or dealt with.

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