NATRL ACE Rewards System: AIR DROP Edition - Phase 2


PHASE 2 - Activity, Content and Engagement

As we stated in the Phase One post announcing the ACE Rewards System launch, we're rolling out multiple phases. Our efforts are focused on building out participation and community engagement in the tribe. Phase One: Delegation was launched with great success. We received delegations of just over 4K SP - Amazing and thanks to the community. Our delegation program, under phase one, will stay active indefinitely. So, be sure to delegate. Delegation links are set out at the bottom of this post.

Phase Two: Gamification

What the heck does that mean, you might ask? Quite simple, interact with the NaturalProducts Today site and #naturalproducts tag and earn points towards our next Air Drop. We heard your feedback and wanted to incent tribe members to use the site, use the tag and interact - it boils down to A.C.E. Activity, Content and Engagement. That is what's going to make our tribe shine!

Between now and midnight (ET) August 31 earn points for your activity, content and engagement. Your points will convert into a share of the Air Drop pool.

We're releasing 1.6 Million NATRL as a pool. It will include those that already hodl NATRL and those that have staked NATRL. The more points you earn interacting the more of the pool you'll receive. We want NEW members to join in the fun and grab some NATRL as well.

Points System

  • 50 Points - Posting to #naturalproducts (MUST follow the posting guidelines).
  • 10 Points - Bonus - if you tag your post with one or more appropriate secondary tags from the tags list.
  • 10 Points - Comment on a post.
  • 15 Points - For each Steem user you tag and introduce to NATRL or the NaturalProducts.Today site in a comment.
  • 20 Points - Follow @naturalproducts (those already following will be included)
  • 10 Points - Resteem this post
  • 50 Points - For a delegation of 10SP or higher (those already delegated will be included)
  • 50 Points + 10% Bonus points - Buy NATRL on the exchange and receive bonus points for 10% of your buy order.
  • 50 Points - Use the 'Promote' on a post (not your own) and burn tokens to promote a fellow tribe member's post.
  • 25 Points - Staking your NATRL (those already staked will be included).
  • 10 Points - For holding NATRL.
    Fine Print - Obviously if the interaction is not inline with the tribe's main focus or following the guidelines we will remove the points allotted.

Whew, OK! So let's get at it and let's have some fun with it!

Let the gamification begin!

Remember about the Phase One ACE Rewards for delegation. Use the quick delegation links below to start delegating today!
30SP, 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP, 2000SP, 5000SP

Join #naturalproducts on!

Thank you for being part of the #naturalproducts community and tribe!


The NATRL token is a utility token specific to the NaturalProducts.Today site (based on Steem) used for curation, rewards, and contest promotion. The token price is market-driven and may never have any value.


it's good to find out about this tribe... delegated and also followed for updates :)

That's great! Welcome and we look forward to seeing your engagement it the community!

thanks for the welcome :) have the tokens been sent ?

Thanks for the delegation. Just catching up on the validation. You should check your steem-engine wallet! Thanks for your support!

thanks got it. is delegation not enabled for the staked tokens ?

Not at the moment. We are still considering it. It would be the next logical feature to enable. Stay tuned.

Are the condition for delegations still the same? Right now i am delegating 2 k SP, would go to 4 k if there are still the same conditions for early delegators.
You do a great Job-try to find more people in the german speaking community-some of them write about naturalproducts.
best regrads!

Absolutely, for those tribe members that have 1K SP or more delegated we will reward additional delegations (greater than 100 SP) with the 25x delegation reward. We are also looking at additional incentives for delegations! This is a great community and we are here to support and build! Thanks a ton for your support!

LOL - Awesome, what he says ^^^

4 k SP are delegated now! best regards!

Fantastic! Check your Steem-Engine wallet for your reward. Thanks for your support!

interesting approach and point system. Love watching the creativity the various tribes are using.

Learn more about SHADE here

Join the fun promoting your post at Pimp Your Post Thursday. Win SHADE or SBI, make friends. Every Thursday in The Ramble

Yup, we are constantly looking for new ways to reward the community, up engagement and increase the value of being a party of the tribe (community) - still trying to figure out if they are synonymous terms, complimentary and/or interchangable ? :-)

Our ACE program is turning out to be a hoot!

I concur ACE is an amazing concept for the tribes ~ Thanks!

You are doing a great job! best regards!

Thanks @balte, thanks a ton for your support!

Try my best und will give upvotes to the tribe-members!
best regards!

Upvoted, followed & reseemed.

Oh, I reckon that upvotes don't count in ACE! 😜

Awesome! thanks! upvotes - not this round. We'll be working on some tools to manage the gamification at a later time and add more to it.


Awesome! thanks!


you just rose a upvote from @curationhelper thanks for post promotion. For Information read my daily post

You need to stake more BEER (6 staked BEER allows you to send 1 BEER per day)

Resteeming, following and commenting here. That makes it 40 points. :)

It would be interesting to have some way to check my accumulated points. A regular leaderboard update from you will be awesome too!

Yup. On both accounts. We'll be putting up a leader board as we catch up... whew! it's a manual process at the moment :-) but we're have a hoot doing it.

Awesome stuff!! Love to see this A C E mission as I’m all for it !!

Introducing a few other steemians that may want to join in on the activity, content and engagement:

To name a few 🙏🏼💪🏻👍🏼

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NICE! We're having a great time trying to keep up! We hope your friends drop by and get in on the action too! Thanks for tagging them!

For sure !! And thank you 🙌🏼

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I love the idea of the airdrop gammification :)
I just put a buy order

Thanks! Ya, we thought it was a pretty cool idea after seeing comments from a lot of people wondering why they received this token or that token randomly. We've received a bunch of rando tokens as well. Hope you enjoy - we're having a great time with it.

A second Airdrop? That's mega! I like Airdrops. :)

You bet! We do too. And it gets the tokens in the hands of the tribe to use to upvote and send to each other or hodl :-) - thanks for your support!

i love airdrops

We do too, but now we need some participation on the platform as well - an now you are in with your comment ! thanks for your engagement - keep it up!

This one of the best tribes I have seen so far! Thanks for a wonderful opportunity.

HA! LOL! We think so too!

We're glad you joined and hope you have a good time engaging in the Tribe. Looking forward to your posts!

The gamification is a great idea! It'll be fun raking up bonus points!

This point system is something I can get into. Thanks for explaining it in a clear and fairway. Let's hope this community blossoms and grows continually.

THANKS! We thought is was a unique twist. We'll be running more gamification all along to help earn NATRL and build that A.C.E. based community!

Thanks for your support!

I resteem with pleasure and I'm writing a post on a medicinal plant, the immortal Corsican to "nourish" the #naturalproducts feed.
See you soon.

Great! Can't wait to read it.. remember to use some of the sub-tags for more points!

I'm rooting for you guys to succeed!!!

Thanks for your continued support @edkarnie. @lmon, I and the rest of the team appreciate it!

Done for follow you guys, resteem, vote this post. Then delegated 100 SP, I have bought over 1500 NATRLs for a couple weeks after this project is launched.

I have staked 3000 NATRL for now, maybe I will increasing the amount later.

Hope this project will go to the moon! I love so much writing about @naturalproducts.

Thanks @anggreklestari for your early support of this project. Lot of great stuff planned. Look forward to your continued support and contribution!

Guys you make a great job!
Delegated 1000SP for this project!
Resteemed this post!
And when I get my NATRL - Tokens from my delegation, I will stake them!

Check your Steem-Engine wallet! Thank you so much for the support and confidence. Thanks to you too @yonnathang :-)

Great ideas here, let's engage !

I just delegated a first amount :)

keep that good work up !

Fantastic! Thanks! Check your steem-engine wallet for your NATRL reward!

Thanks you !!!

I just powered up some Steem today and so will add 100/200 Sp of delegation :-)

@naturalproducts, This is really awesome news team. Specially Gamification Of Ecosystem and with that Airdrops. Keep up and keep spreading engagement and encouragement.

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You BET! Keep the engagement going!


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This project would be good for you girls!



I like your proposal. I really like the subjects of natural medicine. Thank you!

That begins Gamification!

There you go; comment, resteem and a follow - Nice!

The project is worth it. As soon as I can support them I will be doing so.

You bet, should be a fun time too. Let's keep the engagement up and content coming.

Of course! First of all we must have a good time.

Interested event. I just upvote, was following and resteem in aminute

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I can think of a few people that may like @lturner @sardonic @essentialoilmom @jeejee @sardonic @monsterplayer @gratefuleveryday

Yes, yes... come one come all and check it out. There's some good points for @ironshield!

Hope to earn some airdrops

I think it is fabulous that it is projected towards the Activity, the Content and the Commitment of all the members of this wonderful community in favor of a healthier world with each one of its members with more health and high degree of full conscience and with that motivation I am completely sure that it will be a success.

This is my favourite tribe. Sent over my delegation. Thanks for the upvotes 🙏🏽