First snow

in #nature2 months ago

The first snow is always something magical. Especially for the kids. As soon as they see the white flakes pouring down they can't wait to have fun outside.
This first white and cold blanket, announcing the coming winter gives me a peaceful feeling. The sound of nature's turning softer and create a sense of calmness, at least to me.

Here are two pics from a walk i took.



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Snow does have some magic about it, but can be a hassle if you need to get out. Not much chance of snow here for a while, but the weather can soon change.

Have fun out there.


Indeed @steevec, but this is just a glimpse what winter could be;) Best case is around xmas to get some 'real' snow in my area. The times we had plenty of snow around this time of the year (or in winter generally) are gone since about 20 yrs.