Attabad lake, the Mystery lake

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The northern areas of Pakistan are rich in breathtaking scenes. Lush green valleys, deep blue lakes and sky kissing mountains are present. Pakistan is blessed with natural beauty that is not known to the most world. Pakistan has 4 seasons, beautiful north including mighty mountains, Beautiful valleys and amazing lakes covered with snow. Attabad lake is the largest artificial lake created by the landslide. Lake is accesible via Karakorama highway and is almost 27 kilometers from Karimabad. The lake remains accesible throughout the year. Attabad lake is located in Gojal valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa( Northern Pakistan). This lake was created as a result of huge landslide in Attabad village on 4th of January,2010.

Attabad Lake


This landslide was named as Attabad slide and and resulted in 20 casualties and stopped the flow of hunza river for five months. Part of the Karakoram High Way was submerged due to this landslide.
The maximum length of Attabad lake is 13 miles(21 kilometers) and the maximum depth is 358 feet (109 meters). As a result of this landslide approx. 21 km lake was created by the nature. The total water volume is 330,000 acre feet. Nearby areas like hussaini and Aiana bad were also submerged and affected due to this huge landslide.
Recently a tunnel is also bulit on attabad lake as a part of the Karakoram Highway. Attabad lake is one hour drive after reaching Hunza Valley.


Here is an amazing photograph of the crystal clear water of this amazing lake:


There is an amazing boat service in Attabad lake. You can ride on these boats to enjoy the spectacular beauty of lake, mighty mountains around the lake and the black clouds over the lake adds up the beauty. This boat ride is the most beautiful and amazing experience of this lake.


In heavy snowfalls and harsh winds and weather, the boat service is closed and the lake freezes. Crystal clear blue water amazes one who visit this beauty. There are mighty mountains on both sides of the lake. One must visit this amazing lake once in a lifetime. The crystal clear blue water between the mountains is surely an beautiful gift of the nature and it is our duty not to pollute it. It is surely an amazing tourist spot but we must not destroy its aquatic life. The lake is used for boating and fishing but it can also be used for water sports.

The Hunza river pour its water its water into the Attabad lake. Tourists enjoy taking ride on the local boats. The boat ride is a must at Attabad when you are in the hunza valley.

In 2015, Prime minister of Pakistan inaugurated Pakistan-China friendship tunnels which have been constructed by the China over the magical lake. There are 5 tunnels which are seven kilometer long.

It is our duty to protect this lake,one must visit it and enjoy the boat ride, CHEERS.

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