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#715 - Nature shots in Atok.

Happy Sunday evening dearest beloved Hiveans. It's almost the end of the week and hopefully everyone had a great time with their love ones. I went to my mother yesterday and have not seen her for a while. I first stopped by to buy some donuts and other food and also vitamins. My father was not there unfortunately, he went somewhere because of an errand. I arrived there by three in the afternoon and left at seven in the evening. I still didn't have enough sleep so I had to go back early plus the traffic is heavy too so I don't want to be late at night.

For today's shots let me share some of the photos when we went to Atok. The farm that we visited opened early at six. We can see here that there's still fog in the background with the wife posing with these small purple flowers. The Cordillera mountains are also seen with the fogs and clouds in the background.




A photo inside one of the farm greenhouse where these plentiful pink flowers are grown. The plants are taller than people too.


More of those similar flowers in the first photo with the wife. This time it's not only purple but there are white flowers too. Then there's also other visitors to the place who came early for the view and experience.

The next two shots shows lovely hydrangeas blooming in purple, bit of white and yellow colors too. There's plenty of the plants here in this farm as well and are lovely to the eyes as the other flowers.


Here's a scene when we were in the the park where all of us need to line up because there are other people who came in first and are in front. So if the haven't chose the area of the farm they want to visit this is one good example. People have to walk in a common path until you see an area that interest you and go there avoiding the main path. It's really cold too so coming here with old people may take some challenges when walking.


Follow me on my nature travels.
Shot taken in Atok Benguet, Philippines.

Image/s were shot using Panasonic Lumix ZS110. ~rex


Lovely flowers!

Thank you 😊

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