Yellow on yellow

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I believe that a photo gains greatly when the colors of foreground subject and background differ. Even better if those colors compliment each other.
But there is a saying that rules are meant to be broken and here is my photograph which I like even though it is uniform by color.
Hope you like it too :)

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Beautiful combination of colors. Is it dapper?

Thank You! It is European Greenfinch.

Great job breaking the rules! The purple does compliment the yellow:)

You are correct, I didn't think about it :) Thank You!

Blastik love this photo and your analysis of it. The matching colours are nice with the bokeh effect of the background flowers being out of focus. I wish that darn stick wasn't in the flower that the bird was sitting on! Great work either way though. I honestly feel you are one of the most overlooked photographers here on Steemit, I love your work. Keep consistent with your posting and I'm sure you'll gather a following :D

Thank You Harry for your heart-warming comment. And Thank You for the sympathy to my work.
I believe I'll stay in oblivion here on Steemit as long as I avoid using bots. There is no other way up, to the trending list.
As to the image, at first I rejected it due to that darn stick :) Lately I dug it out of the archive and thought - hey, probably it is worth publishing in spite of this annoying defect?

Keep consistent and I'm sure good things will come your way. I think the photo is excellent even with the slight defect. We can't get the perfect shot every time, but at least you were out there trying :)

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I love it. Beautiful photo and I always have trouble getting birds. I blame my zoom lens but you nailed it.

Thank You! Sometimes it IS a matter of lens. Autofocus on my lens is very fast and it helps indeed.