SEEDS Tool Ideas

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A list of ideas for SEEDS Tools that are not currently supported, but could/should be.

Social network

Bloging platform


Voting tools

  • A tool where any people with a Telos account can vote for each project independently:
    Tutorial for voting with publicdomain


  • A decentralized platform where people are paid when they post good tutorials

Onboarding videos - SEEDizen-generated videos providing instructions on becoming Citizens, voting on proposals, using the Passport, sharing testimonials, explaining SEEDS topics not yet covered or explained...


Discussion in SEEDS Discord channel #wiki (Experiments and Pilots)

Mapping tools

  • Interactive SEEDS Map - An interactive map where people can see all of the different moving pieces of the SEEDS Universe to orientate themselves within it.
  • Opensource collective mindmap
    8 easy step for SEEDS onboarding :

Market places

To promote SEEDS activity and sells good and services in Seeds

SEEDS Marketplace - A marketplace where SEEDizens can share products and services that can be purchased. One of the most often-asked questions is, what can I do with the SEEDS I earn?


Live listing of Currently Active Campaigns to Gain Seeds - A single place where one can discover all the ways to earn Seeds, like this wiki page prototype: Currently Active Campaigns to Gain Seeds.


Thankyou for the information provided.