Let's hike!

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Hello, Steemit friends!

Last week I was on a short hike with snowshoes around the Seven Rila Lakes with a French couple and had great time sharing the beauty of my country. Now it is time to share some of it also with you. We took a lift that brought us to 2135m altitude and enjoyed the gorgeous day in the Rila mountains. Our destination was the second lake, we had lunch there and then returned. It was hot out there, the sun was so strong that I came home with painfully burning face but it was worth it. The mountains are my favorite place to be in every season, but in the winter they are truly spectacular!















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Thank you for stopping by!


Do you have the snow shoes? How do you like them?

It looks like you had an amazing sunny day. Oh, I wish I had more time to go to the mountains again. I fear that I won't be able to see snow again this season :)

The mountains there are beautiful. It looks like a proper winter wonderland! :)

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely Sunday!

PS: It's nice to hear from you again :)

Hey, @delishtreats, thank you for your lovely comment! The snowshoes are find, but I would definitely prefer ski :)
Have a lovely Tuesday ;)

It's so pure and perfect, and what do my eyes see.... You wearing shoes!! :D :D :D

Thank you, Lyndsay! Great to here from you!
This is one of the few things that I don’t like about winter. My feet miss the ground so much and can't wait for the spring :D

You will be tip toeing through the mountain crocuses soon !! I cannot wait!!

I can almost feel the power of the sun by looking at these photos.

Be careful not to get a sunburn though :D
It was very warm, we had to get off our jackets!
Thanks for the comment, @markkujantunen!

Great post, great winter landscape. The Rila mountain looks nice dressed i white.

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Hi Jan, thanks a lot for your nice comment! Mountains and snow always look great together :)