My art- 2 paintings by David Emanuel

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WEEKEND AT THE MOUNTAINS a painting by myself - David Emanuel. I was inspired by the beauty of the Blue Mountains near Sydney in Australia, and after spending a weekend on holiday in the Blue Mountains in 2011.

The painting is abstract landscape and time is compressed with 2.5 days in this paintings story.

I used acrylic on a recycled wooded shelf, and this is one of my favourite paintings that I have done.

weekend at the mountain in janu (2).jpg

QUEENSLAND FLOODS AND SUNSHINE - this painting is also by myself and was inspired by devastation during the cyclones in New Year 2011. Many homes where destroyed and in between 2 cyclones huge floods hit Brisbane in South East Queensland, and some loss of life was also very sad and emotional for us on holiday.

I Painted this on Canvas using Acrylic and was keen to sell some prints to help the victims of the flooding at the time.

I did negotiate the sale of the painting with the Queensland Art Gallery, but due to changes in personal, the deal fell through and never completed.

Feel free to comment on my art.

I value all opinions.

QLD floods and sunshine.jpg

Love you all