Treating Natures Beauty With Respect

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The organic world is the most beautiful.

From a single leaf to an expansive forest beauty can be seen in all perspectives of nature. The sight of lush green stimulates our brain with a sense of growth and vitality and instinctively puts one at ease, especially after a week of wondering through the concrete jungle.


The ocean does the same, but in a different way.

The sound of wave hitting rock naturally soothes our minds. Allowing you to zone out in the warm sun as we leave our worries behind and enter into a sense of single minded presence with the organic world that we have evolved to live in, the organic world that we are actually a part of.


We don't just live in an organic world.

We are a part of it. Just as a bird is part of the forest, a fish part of the sea, we are part of this world. As years pass however, we become more and more detached from our Earth and see it merely as a domain. A place that our lives are spent without though for the plants, the birds and the future homo sapiens who have the natural right to be born into the gorgeous world we ourselves have been gifted.


Of coarse we cannot change the way of things on our own.

And it is all to easy to feel overwhelmed at a society that is set on always making more, wasting more and leaving a trail of destruction behind it. I was told an apt saying that applies in this situation.

"Do the best with what you have, because what you have is plenty."


We must all do the best we can to make the small changes, which eventually add up.

Companies will keep turning the wheel that mines natural resource, and some countries have not yet grasped at the methods needed for environmentally friendly waste management. But if we do our parts to see the small beauty in our own recycling, in minimising our waste; we can see the big picture beauty of a well respected planet. Just like the organic beauty of a single leaf and a whole forest, the perspective will translate.


"I enjoy the subtle beauty of the organic world around me and respect this beauty with my actions."

An affirmation we can all live by :)

Yours with Purpose

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